A Working Class Zero

Hello, reader! Unfortunately for you, the Interesting Quotient of this post drops precipitously from there. But I did want to take a moment before I spend 45 minutes rummaging around in boxes for socks and a pair of pants that over the weekend my wife Cat and I successfully moved into our new townhouse.

It took four huge guys seven hours to move all our stuff from where we were to where we are. It was a blast working with these guys. You all know me as a frightfully articulate, super-sensitive writer, but, via my decades spent working in warehouses and other such Physical Labor jobs, I know myself as a guy who gets paid by the hour to move heavy stuff from one place to another. And one of my favorite things about being a Joe Beast o’ Burden is hanging out with other B.O.B’s. I never know what intellectuals (not to mention Professionally Religious people) are talking about. But put me around guys who actually work for a living, and I’m good.

Of course, now such folk never know what I’m talking about.

“Stop telling us to buy your books,” the movers kept saying. “And willya get the **** out of our way?”

And it’s not like I could stiff ‘em on the tip. It’s not like they don’t where I live.

It’s so great to be living in this place I can’t even begin to tell you!  I’m dying I’m so happy!

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  • FreetoBe

    OK, that should have read :**patta patta patta**: the sound…..

  • arlywn

    lol, thats john… always being the salesman for god and writing. lol. Congrats on the successful move!!!!

  • http://sisterfriends-together.org anita

    There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home., John says as he clicks his ruby red slippers together.

    Congrats to you and the Cat! I’m truly happy for ya Big Guy!

  • FreetoBe

    the sound of happy dance feet to celebrate your successful move! Many Congrats, Joe BOB, er, John! And Cat!

  • Judy

    Home at last. Good on you, John! How much more unpacking do you have to do?

  • lucy

    I’m so very happy for you and Cat! Congrats and enjoy!!!