Anyone But Me Getting Nervous?

On September 15 Lehman Brothers goes bankrupt. For the next 10 days people rushing to secure their money withdraw $16.8 billion from Washington Mutual, precipitating by far the largest bank failure in American history.

Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Washington Mutual, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG. American mainstays of the world economy. FAIL.

The president of America goes on world-wide television and says things such as, “Our entire economy is in danger,” “We’re in the midst of a serious financial crisis,” and “Major sectors of America’s financial system are at risk of shutting down.”

We’re mired in a war that (besides 4,000 American and approximately 90,000 civilian Iraqi lives) has so far cost us well over $500 billion—a number certain to end up in the trillions.

Twenty-eight million Americans rely on government food stamps to buy their food. And that’s now.

Russia/Putin has announced plans to spend $95 billion on defense and security in 2009. By 2020, Russia plans to have built a space defense system and a whole brand spanking new fleet of nuclear submarines.

Russia/Putin also just loaned virulent America-hater Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela (from whom America buys about a million barrels of oil a day) $1 billion for arms purchases and military development.

For the last 20 years in a row, China’s military expenditures have marked double-digit growth. China has recently spent around $100 billion developing lots of new weapons, especially including long-range nuclear missiles.

Now, by nature, I’m not a “Let’s Panic!” sort of guy. I’m very much more of the quiet type. One of my pastimes, for instance, is reading books about world history.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find their heart beating just a little bit faster these days?


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  • Yeah, way to go John! What a buzz kill! Here I was enjoying my ignorance and you had to go a ruin it all. I'm packing up my toys and moving to Fiji.

  • Yeah, right? I mean … and this is just the Easily Presented news. It's not like I even TOUCHED on … say, the crazy prowess of ever-patient Iran, or the fact that it seems we've turned our planet into more Garbage Dump than Beautiful Place to Live That'll Support Us Forever.

    As I say, I'm not a Panic Guy. But it's getting increasingly tempting to become one.

  • I am angry. Not only does the government want to bail everyone out – they want consumers to go out and get even more loans and more credit cards – so they can get farther into debt. Debt is not worth it! Getting out of debt and cancelling the credit cards 5 years ago was one of the greatest decisions my husband and I have ever made. I bet Dave Ramsey is having a heart attack right now.

    I've always thought that the elected officials should make their credit reports available to those of us who have elected them – after all, they are spending our hard earned money. Seems like everyone under the sun can run our credit reports and decide not to hire us, deny us a loan, or even just raise interest rates because they can.

    I need a beer.

  • John, I was reading this post while rocking my baby daughter to sleep. I long for the days when I wasn't worried.

    It's difficult for people who are paying attention not to panic, I think. On the other hand, I try to remember that I have a God who's above all of these circumstances and isn't helpless to protect us.

    FreetoBe … I'm wondering about that 450 elected officials. Since there are almost that many in the House of Reprehensibles … ehhh … whatever … I think that number is a tad low. Unless, of course, you're making a comment about the hackability paperless voting machines, in which case I have no response other than to nod.

  • Well… NOW I do.

  • FreetoBe

    1. China owns about 15% of our government via government-issued bonds.

    2. America produces approx. 5% of the world’s oil and uses approx. 27%

    3. There are millions of voting-age adults in this country and about 450 elected officials. How come we’re letting them put us so far in debt?

    Panic? Not me–I’m depressed. Too bad I quit drugs so long ago.

  • These are the three best comments EVER. Thanks to each of you. Sharp stuff.

  • arlywn

    um….. John. I gotta say, I think you should stick to photography and writing about god. Cause if you were going for a 'lets love the government thing" you… failed. And if you thought this speech would help with our current feelings about our government, you failed. If you thought this would make us more arrogent, and more american- well, no that was a fail too. But if your intent was to write a scary modern horror story of people we know actually dying and finding out the government really is the bad guy…. wow you need an award.

  • I rent my apartment, I'm paying on a car and a student loan. I'm on a debt management plan with a credit counselor. I don't spend more than I take in, which is better than most people.

    The car payments are on time, and I'm just starting an incoming-sensitive payment plan. It's the car and student debt that I'm really worried about right now.

  • arlywn

    I know what you mean Angel- my student loans give me nightmares, and I'm still only making the school payments.

  • Rick

    Adversity: The primary ingredient for development of character and the indispensible first step in the creation of all worthy opportunities.

    Do not be conformed to this world,but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect Romans 12:2

    There are opportunities unfolding for all Christians. Do not let the news distract you but embrace the need for good news that all of this is creating. A positive response and confidence in faith will help others to see Christ in you.

    Yep, they all can make us nervous. Don't take the bait. RH

  • Just thought I would drop a note to tell you about what's been happening at a big church nestled in a small town of Melbourne, FL. The church now 5000 strong recently grew another church about 16 miles north in Viera of about 1000, + another satellite campus starting about 16 miles south. People are turning to God for the answers to life's big questions. Our pastor asked us to wear for 5-6 weeks some red bands that state: "Follow Jesus-Live Dangerously." Check out the testimonies of the red bands that are helping us grow in commitment and courage as Christ followers. It's great to see how we are becoming this great band of marauders for good. My favorite verse is Romans 12:21 Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. The letter 12 and 21 are flipped versions of the same numbers. Pretty cool..huh? Satan's agenda is for us to be crippled in fear, feel alone, misunderstood and feel unloved. God's agenda is the polar opposite, to live abundantly (overcome all fear), be surrounded by a great cloud of witness' (a bit creepy- lol), and know that we are verrrrry loved.… I posted a personal story about 1 hour ago. (pending approval by church)

    A few months ago my husband and I heard screams from the house across the street at about 8:30PM. We found our neighbor's 56 y.o. husband on the kitchen floor unconscious and barely breathing. 9-1-1 was called and we performed CPR. It seemed like at least 10-15 minutes later the paramedics arrived. I called from the door for them to bring oxygen because through most of the rescue there was no pulse or breathing. We all prayed fervently as the EMS gave shocks and life saving meds. After he was stabilized, I drove my neighbor's wife to Wuestoff Hosp and stayed for several hours until he was admitted to the ICU. At about 2AM I encouraged her to let me take her home because she had called family across the state who would be arriving in the morning. The medical team could not find the cause of the cardiac arrest but we prayed in spite of the distinct possibility that he might not ever wake up again. Long story short, he woke up slowly after about 3 weeks and spent about another 2 months in the hospital and rehab, and is home now. PTL! As I drove into my home from work on Friday, I could see he was in a wheelchair with his wife across the street in their driveway. As we chatted I noticed that his wife was wearing the red band to "Follow Jesus and Live Dangerously" She had recently began attending CCM. Then my husband came home, the same Deputy Sheriff referred to by the CCM member on jury duty, and our neighbor seemed to recognize him and said his name. We all stood in a circle wearing our bands beholding a miracle of God. Please continue to pray for increased healing of his mind. He is struggling to remember so many of his memories of even his grown children. Yet is reliving the night of the rescue, perhaps as the result of PTSS-post traumatic stress syndrome. We are commanded to snatch some from the fire and that night we were called on to do just that. My husband and I have both been CPR instructors for several years, I as an RN, he as a Sheriff Deputy, and we just so happened to be home together at the right time. We were actually supposed to be out on errands but were delayed for some reason. "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous" -A. Einstein. The red bands of courage to live dangerously for Him is truly God's call to His people for such a time as this! PTL!!!

  • Wade Fehlman

    I think it is an exciting time for those saved by grace through faith in Jesus. These things have to happen in order for the fulfillment of God's plan. In order for the antichrist to rise up (and I do not know when that will be) there will have to be a very bad situation taking place on earth, Maybe financial, maybe nuclear. If you believe the bible and love the lord then these are exciting times, I would like everyone to have that same sense of peace but not everyone is ready or willing to hear about Jesus.

    God bless

  • Wade: Whaddaya think of Sarah Palin?

  • Ross: I wasn't being facecitous (sp??) or snarky at all. I really was curious about how/where Ross put Ms. Palin in his view of current events. I promise it was a genuine question, not a swipe at Palin.

  • Alright then sorry my bad. Maybe I'm just a little over sensitive to the issue as the woman has been crucified by our "masters" in the main stream media and entertainment world. You know what really gets me? I'm good with political satire; wherever there's material or an angle to be exploited, funny people are going to do just that. No worries. But in 2008 it seems that only one side gets ribbed and this is not for a lack of worthy material that the other side has provided. No, the other side has actually produced much material (Biden alone is a huge source) that could be used. There's a lot of low hanging fruit, yet it goes unpicked.

  • Christian: Too utterly perfect. That says it perfectly. You're awesome.

  • Ross

    C’mon John, you know Sarah is a sister in Christ. Is infering she’s the anti-christ any way to treat a sister?

    My question for Wade would be, whaddaya think of BO? Charismatic, loved by the secular world, connections to people of dubious character (Ayers, Wright, etc.). I could just see him now negotiating a peace treaty with Israel…

  • Worried? Not me. I’ve got my Bible.

    Right next to my American Red Cross First Aide and Safety Manual. On top of the MRE’s stored under my mattress. The one stuffed with cash I just took out of the bank. In the cozy little knotty-pine den I just built, out back, under the roll-way brick brick barbecue, like the one Ricky and Fred made.

  • Kevin Ryal

    Yes my good sir, there are many reasons that we should worry about the global situation. But as our savior did, we must come to face every problem with love. The United State's posture within world affairs, our arrogance as a nation, and our inability to elect anyone who conveys the true message of Christ's word has been the true culprit in these matters. Just as many of the extremists in our faith have shut themselves off from the world, our foreign policy and handling of world affairs have been centered around selfish, ethnocentric, archaic views of how to deal with those who oppose us. We need to come with love and understanding, not hatred and malice.

  • I'm not worried. Uncle Sam will give us all big tax rebates and then we can spend our way to prosperity, right?