Ahhhhh…Sunday Afternoon. I Hate It.

Ah, Sunday afternoon.

How I hate it. It is, after all, naught but the itchy calm before the formidable storm of Monday morning.

Of course, these days I wouldn’t know the formidable storm of Monday morning from my postman’s bad breath. These days I get paid to lay around the house all day, waiting for something brilliant to appear on my computer screen.

Much, in fact, as I’m afraid you’re doing at this very moment.

Gosh, but I hope you’re not. Because if you are you’re about to become one disappointed traveler in cyber-space.

Ah, Sunday afternoon.

It’s such an oddly harrowing time for the true neurotic.

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  • Judy

    It's always the weekend for you, isn't it?!

  • It's a problematic fact the time you're totally free from work is also time that you're most able to spend realizing how much you hate said work.

  • Candace

    Oh, SURE. Just rub it in, why don't you — and on a night when I am stuck working 5 p.m. to 7 a.m., no less!

    Meanie! 😉

  • Lynn

    I am experiencing empathy right now not only for you but also for the football widows. You know that you could be anti-football stuck without cable TV or dish satellite, having to decide what to do with those extra long hours on Sunday (after church) that are not spent surfing through 13 available analog/digital channels over and over again in hopes of finding something, ANYTHING else to watch. Too bad the TV remote can't fast-forward to the day after Super Bowl. No apologies to all the tail-gaiters and couch veggies out there 🙂 Am I a loyal OSU Buckeye fan? Only when they are winning…terrible, huh?

  • And here I am on Monday morning, trying to make something inspired appear behind the cursor. Thankfully the lack of such inspiration can be blamed on MY lack of sleep, not your lack of post. 😀

  • I work 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM, and take Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, and I often feel the same way about Wednesday evening. I feel headed inexorably toward another day of ticking the customer off because I don't totally fix their Internet in time to save their shaky eBay-based businesses, which they're not supposed to be running on residential service anyway. I feel inexorably headed toward failure, and that's what scares me.

  • Lindsey: Great post! Sweet ending. And you're in the final stages of editing a NOVEL you wrote?? Awesome. Congratulations!

    Angel: "Inexorably Headed Toward Failure." What a great book title.

  • Don't be too quick to congratulate me! It's not even started making the rounds to publishers yet (Jesus preserve me when it does)! Fortunately "Christian Fantasy/Sci-fi" isn't seen as an inherent contradiction anymore, so there is some hope.

    And thanks for the compliment! (Now, if only I could stop blogging and start acting like a responsible adult…)

  • You might already know this, but the champion of Christian speculative fiction is Jeff Gerke. Visit him at http://www.wherethemapends.com. He's even set up a little book publishing venture for books like yours.

  • John.

    THANK YOU FOR THAT LINK! If this weren't the internets, I'd hug you. 😀

  • Judy: No, like everyone else, the weekend, for me, is the weekend. Always. Still. Forever.

    David: I blame Adam. That moron.

    Candace: It’s true: Work-wise, it’s good to be me. For now, anyway. The good news for you is that you know how much you’re going to get paid, and when—and from whom. Not so much for me.

    Lynn: You lost me there. Perhaps I haven’t had enough coffee. Or you’ve had too much. Or something. My fault, I’m sure.

    Lindsey: Come back and tell us when you’ve posted something; we’ll go check it out. Hmmm. Now you’ve reminded me that I should probably do A Post….

  • Actually, I did manage to post something here. Now if only I can actually finish editing my novel. Ha!

  • Poop. All logic left me for about ten minutes and I submitted my novel to Marcher Lord.

    Eeeee…. (The good side is I only have ten pages to revise, and I can do that in an hour, so I won’t TOTALLY embarrass myself should someone actually want to read it.)

  • Carolyn Estridge

    Sunday afternoon, sleepy and quiet and this particular Sunday glorious gorgeous day. I laid in the swing in the back yard watching the birds and loving the calm serenity of the Georgia sunshine. Refusing to turn on the tube or even look at the Sunday paper.Gloomy Monday will arrive soon enough,live in the moment and drink in the peace of Sunday afternoon!

  • Candace

    "Candace: It’s true: Work-wise, it’s good to be me. For now, anyway. The good news for you is that you know how much you’re going to get paid, and when—and from whom. Not so much for me."

    Ahhhhh, yes 🙂 So insightful you are, John; that is definitely true. I tried being self-employed and the uncertainty proved too much for me. Knowing the how-much, when and from-whom is indeed good news in my case.

    Even better? I love my career. Love it. Love it the way one loves something once lost and then miraculously given back. (Thank you, Abba Father, THANK YOU!!!!)