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John 1:16: It’s All Groovy Like a Movie

John 1:16 reads: “From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.” I appreciate the phrase “one blessing after another” as a catalyst for challenging our usual perception of time and space. It’s so easy to read those (now) common words, and think of God’s blessings in our lives as [Read More…]

How To Get Out of Jury Duty

It’s a privilege and even honor to serve on a jury. But if you ever want to get out of it anyway, I hereby bequeath unto you this 100% guaranteed way to avoid jury service, every time: Wave to the defendant. I accidentally discovered the almost alarming efficiency of this method about two weeks ago, [Read More…]

Christian Actor in Upcoming Super Bowl Commercial Reveals Desire to Play Satan!

  (Part 1 of this interview is Interview with an Actor in an Upcoming Bud Super Bowl Commercial (Part 1.)  I put Part 2 here because in it soon-to-be-famous actor Tim Hornor and I talk about Christian stuff.)   John: What did you actually have to do in your audition for the Super Bowl commercial? Tim: They [Read More…]

A (Woefully Naive) Reader Asks: “Aren’t Famous People Just Like Everyone Else?”

Today’s question (“Why does everyone go nuts over famous people, when they’re just like non-famous ones?”) was sent to me from a reader with the fun and pretty name of Latoya. Latoya is from Jamaica. Latoya: Even if you hadn’t told me you were from Jamaica, I would have known that you were from some [Read More…]

Do Pigs Sweat?

A reader named Jess wrote to ask, “Mr. Answers, do pigs sweat?” Good question, Jess! I’m preferring not to wonder why you’ve asked it—but good question! Since time immemorial the worlds’ greatest philosophers, scientists, and artists have pondered the eternal question of porcine perspiration. As the inimitable William Shakespeare put it in his famous Love [Read More…]

From a Christian Woman Whose Marriage to a Non-Christian Failed

I thought worth sharing was this reader’s response to my post, Christian Marrying a Non-Christian? Marriage: FAIL : I am a Christian who was married to an atheist; after twenty-two years, we are now divorced. I understand and agree with a lot of the dissenting comments made to John’s post. However, ultimately I agree with [Read More…]

Interview with an Actor in an Upcoming Bud Super Bowl Commerical (Part 1)

This interview is long—so lemme keep this intro short. A little while back I met a young actor named Tim Hornor. In the course of our Party Small Talk, Tim told me that he’d just filmed a commercial for Budweiser that was going to play during the Super Bowl. I said, “I can’t believe you’re [Read More…]

Agnosticism: The Perfect Answer That Never Delivers

Based on the enduring lack of conclusive, objectively verifiable, purely empirical evidence, agnostics claim to simply not know whether or not there’s a God. As a rational response to the question of God, it’s an unassailable stance. All emotions, intuition, and inspiration aside—all subjective persuasions aside—the unadorned fact remains that we don’t know whether or [Read More…]

What does “echo rand (0,5)” mean?

Thanks for the question, Daniel Gurtner! “Echo Rand” was a favorite game of children in medieval times. Especially popular throughout Northern Europe and for some reason in what is now Laos, it consisted of one blindfolded child being surrounded by many of his or her playmates and the occasional village idiot. The blindfolded child was [Read More…]

If “Submit” Isn’t the Right Word for Christian Wives, What Is?

This past Sunday I went to a meeting of a church men’s group. The group was in session #20 (!) of a series it was doing called (something like) “Finding Your Authentic Manhood.” Just before offering my idea about exactly where each man in the room could find his authentic manhood, it occurred to me [Read More…]