2009 Has Broken My Brain

A pox upon these these accursed new years, with their positively pristine possibilities, their perfectly positioned potentialities, their perennial promise of power and prestige! A large pox, too! A medium or small pox won’t do in this case! For already has the chubby-cheeked 2009 cherub changed into a chuckling, cheerful Chucky chillingly chopping at my chances for change.


Say, would you please excuse that? I’m terribly sorry for it. I have no idea what that was. I’m having a perfectly fine year. In the past week I’ve written over 30,000 publishable words. That’s 75% of an entire trade paperback book.

Oh, [unacceptably un-Christian word]. I knew this was going to happen.

I’ve broken my brain.

Bummer. Bad beginning. Boy, I better begin bouncing back before blindly and blithely becoming beyond the bounds best

Please help me.


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  • http://www.todayscoolnews.com Brian Shields

    A chicken pox on all your houses, John Shore. ;)

  • Sam

    While perfectly poised to praise your prose, your boss brain remains buoyant yet broken beyond this fan's fumble-fingered fixing.

  • http://inkstainedpaws.blogspot.com Casey

    oh no! Make it stop! You'll break my mind if you arent careful- and I really, really, need to focus on my evolution…..

  • Latoya


  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Casey: Your personal evolution, you mean, or just … evolution generally? Either way, for Key Evolution Information, I totally recommend watching Jerry Springer. Talk about … feedback.

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Latoya: the opposite of boredom, really. Brain bust.

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Sam: Outstanding! You the man.

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Brian: Hilarious/clever as ever. I know! Let's trade brains! Could you Fed-Ex me yours, please?

  • http://inkstainedpaws.blogspot.com Casey

    personal and my project on evolution for school.

  • Candace

    That's the problem, Casey! You are multi-tasking. That should be avoided at all costs. Do the project first, since (I assume) there's a deadline ;-)

    Bet John's been doing the same thing (multi-tasking). See where that gets you in the long run?!?

  • http://suddenlyatheist.wordpress.com/ morsec0de

    “Bummer. Bad beginning. Boy, I better begin bouncing back before blindly and blithely becoming beyond the bounds best”


  • http://www.grace-gracetoday.blogspot.com Sharon Grace


    We had such a horrible spell of horrible weather at the start of January. That may have contributed to your mental condition. I know I was so cold I put on socks three days in a row…

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Sharon: Yes, as a fellow San Diegan, I know you share my pain.