Guy Who Blogged About Me Being a Heretic Apologizes!


Remember the guy I wrote about last week in I’m Shallow, Untrustyworthy, Un-Christian, and Devil-Duped. Mark Me Well! ? The guy who on his blog said all those terrible things about me in a post he wrote titled The Perfect BAD Example ?

Today, out of nowhere, I got an email from that guy! It said:


Hi John,

As you may recall, I had been pretty critical of you. Wondered at your Christianity.  You commented on it.  A few of your folks showed up at my blog and beat me up. [Did you guys?? Awesome. Thank you!]

That’s OK.  I’m a big boy.

But, I have taken a second look at what you write. You are gifted and have good insights. The questions of Atheists are really good. I’m going to post on them and ask the questions you ask (with full attribution of course).

So, first I apologize for my anger towards you. I am not a heresy hunter; I am very concerned about the Evangelical Church in America that seems to be lukewarm and drifting.

[Then he shared with me a theory of his on “the Church.”]

So, thanks for allowing me to make right. I’m big on that kind of thing.

Gene Redlin

PS: I really DO live at Peace


So. Isn’t that nice?


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  • morsec0de

    I swear.

    What are you Christians going to do when you no longer have the attacking of defenseless Atheists to bring you together.


  • ric booth

    Very cool of Gene. Its a good thing he’s a blogger not a fighter!

  • benjdm

    Does this mean we non-Christians have to pick up the slack and start calling you names?


  • John Shore

    Morse: We’ll keep doing what we’ve always done: fight like starving animals amongst ourselves.

    Ric: Hilarious! You leave such great comments.

    Ben: Yes, it does. Now GET TO WORK!

  • Candace

    I think I'd take his apology more seriously if he'd man up and post it on HIS OWN blog. But as of yet … I don't see it. I do, however, see a second post (Jan. 10) ripping you, and for some reason can no longer access the comments section on the first post of his, where some folks defended you.

    I'm just sayin' … methinks the prophet (!) is a little disingenuous in his "apology".

  • John Shore

    Candace: Yeah, I mean … he's one seriously dogmatic guy, for sure. I think it's safe to say he might want to consider as just possibly valid the idea that he takes life just a smidge too seriously. He really does think he has the gift of prophecy. But, you know: I'm always glad to learn I have one less gun pointed at me.

  • Candace

    Me too, John. Amen to that!

  • benjdm

    "Ben: Yes, it does. Now GET TO WORK!"

    Hmm…I'm not feeling it. To paraphrase the humor of your blog's subtitle: Just 'cuz I'm an atheist doesn't mean I'm (entirely) a jerk. :)