I Feel Pretty …

… oh, so pretty! I feel pretty, and witty, and …

Okay, anyway. Right. A new look to my blog. I couldn’t stand looking at my old one anymore. And this is the best template WordPress has right now, for me. Bottom line: I need to get a real website. Which means paying someone to build me one—or (yikes) taking classes and learning to build one myself.

Until then, this is my new one!

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My mom died late last night; ..."
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My mom died late last night; ..."

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  • Nice enough choice.

    Now that you've left it behind, I feel like I can say this … I hated that old template. Alfie at In2theFray uses that template, and I've considered not reading his blog just because I hate that template so much.

    So, now it's your blog and a nicer template.

    I'm happy, anyway.

    Although picturing you dancing around singing "I feel pretty" creeped me out a bit.

  • Much prettier. Looking forward to your "sermon" tomorrow.

  • I always hated the last template, BUT it was the only one that I thought had easily the most legible text. But man, it was ugly. And I hated the giant title across its top.

    Anyway, thanks Janelle. I was just thinking about the John thing for tomorrow.

    And Wickle: You know, I wasn't even sure anyone would know that song at all. That's one of the thing about getting older, isn't it? (If you are/have at all.) You're increasingly unsure when your culture references are too passe for most people to even know what your'e talking about.

  • Looks good to me. Of course the customizable header image still remains a big thing with me. I don't expect to be leaving Ocean Mist anytime soon.

    I did decide to finally dip into my pocket and produce the $20 it takes to upgrade my blog to a total 8 GB of storage space. Wide open spaces! WOO-HOO!!

  • Judy Fuller

    I like it. Good colors. I noticed it's not called Suddenly Christian anymore.

  • Oh no, people still know "I feel pretty." I don't know if EVERYONE knows it, but if I know it at least a few people know it. And I know it.

    This one is definitely easier on the eyes. Very pretty. And witty. And…pretty & witty.

  • why are we not calling it Suddenly Christian anymore? And I do like the new template. Very new ish. I love the "I am Pretty" song!

  • I actually don't much care for this template, as I've said: it's just not very … me. But (as I think I've also said?) I really just need something to hold me over until I find someone to build me a real site. THEN it'll be nice. But getting a real site designed and mounted for me and all that is of course a fair amont of money and all, so I'm … figuring out what to do! (Actually, this template IS starting to grow on me a bit. It's not horrible. I kinda like it. My wife Cat likes it. I'm babbling. I need to go to bed. Love!)

  • Very '70s

  • I too am glad you switched the template and I'm old enough to know the song. I'm not in love with this one, but it seems so much easier to read. You just need to personalize it up a bit. LOL.

    I couldn't help but notice you didn't answer everyone's question on changing the name from "Suddenly Christian". Were you just trying out "JohnShore.com" or is that a permanent thing?

  • I'll quite soon publish a permanent page on this blog called (something like) "Why the Change?" in which'll I address why I changed the name of the blog. Thanks for asking.

  • Lynn

    I remember the song, "Oh so pretty"…but had to Google the lyrics to find out where it came from…the West Side Story musical. I don't know why your layout here reminds me of Olive Garden (the restaurant)…I don't see any breadsticks 🙂 Ringraziamenti. Avere una buona sera.

  • Lynn: It reminds you of Olive Garden because it's the pits.


    I still got it, man.

    Clark: I, too, am on WordPress.com. This template is their .. . I forgot its name. "Olive Garden"? "Passive Agressive Bisexual"? Whatever. But, as to the url, I did that thing where you map a domain to your WP site, and then rename it.

    I have no idea. I figure out how to do stuff like this once, and then immediately forget it. But I think you're right. I'm leaning toward learning CSS, and going with WP.org. Seems like a winner, yes?

  • I blog on WordPress.com because it’s free, and they do most of the hard stuff for me. Since you don’t have wordpress in your URL, I assume you use the WordPress software and pay someone to host it on their server. I think that’s the way to go. That’s about as close to having my own website that I would want to get. There are hundreds of templates for WordPress, and more coming everyday. Mistylook is very popular, I am very satisfied with Contempt.

    Since your not on WordPress.com, you could experiment with programming the CSS yourself. It gives you more control, but beats starting from scratch on a blank page. And you’re right; anything looks better than what you had.

  • Lynn

    That's pitiful John. Anyways…you look good in olive.

  • Jessica


    Don't you have a MacBook? I have .Mac and I use the templates on iWeb for my family blog. There are a lot of choices and it's very user friendly. I think the cost is about $100 a year but you get more than just the website.


  • FreetoBe

    2 cents: I like this one better than your old layout. But I really miss the "next" arrow.

  • Lynn

    My previous comment: "pit-iful" was a play on words, no offense intended 🙂

  • John, you said:

    "You know, I wasn’t even sure anyone would know that song at all. That’s one of the thing about getting older, isn’t it? (If you are/have at all.) You’re increasingly unsure when your culture references are too passe for most people to even know what your’e talking about."

    Well, I'm 35, so I know what you mean. But more than that, I'm a science fiction geek. In real life, about half of my cultural references get missed.