Join Me as I Blog Live During the Inauguration!

Blogging dead is lame. So I’m gonna blog live!

Me. My TV. My couch. My laptop. As it’s happening, I’ll be commenting. Commentating. Whatever. Typing stuff.

I’ll start blogging at 7:45 a.m Pacific Time. I’ll be watching ABC’s coverage of the event. Join me in the comments section below….


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  • yayay!

  • yayayyay!

  • (wow. I really need a new photo/avatar thing. I see my Lenoesque chin —-> doesn't even fit in the FRAME here.)

  • I suppose that he will end his swearing in with "so help me God".

  • Is it just me? …or are the crowds and media coverage unprecedented? Maybe I just haven't been this interested before.

  • Mike, I think that the coverage is fairly typical, but the crowds are much larger.

    That, by the way, would warrant more press coverage, I suppose.

    Yes, John, dead blogging is over … except at Suddenly Zombie, of course.

  • Yeah, this is a good idea. I feel like such a wimp not being downtown today. But I have a cold, and it's c-o-l-d!

  • My husband and I were standing in the middle of the mall between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial two weeks ago, and we were looking toward the capitol steps and commenting that from that vantage point, you would be lucky to see anything at all of the inauguration, but I don't think it is about seeing.

  • Hi, guys! I'm giving up on the live blog link program I was doing this on. Turn out I'm … excruciatingly boring. Bummer for me!

  • Carter looks fantastic. People have been saying he seems to be growing younger. No kidding!

  • Hey! The moving trucks. Guys are moving new appliances and clothes and so on into the WH while, three blocks away, a new president is being inaugurated. amazing.

  • Obama's kids are soooooo beautiful.

  • whoa. long shot of the crowd. there must be HUNDREDS of people there!

  • Laura Bush has that Frozen Face thing she does. yikes.

  • I'm so totally talking to myself here. thank god i've been doing that all my life so i'm used to it. whoo-hoo!

    DANG they've practically jammed a camera straight up the nose of michelle's mom. NOSTRIL CAM!

  • Whoa. The Lincoln Bible. There's BUSH! He looks like he's having mixed emotions. Well. Duh.

  • off to make some toast! (michelle obama is so pretty…!)

  • how … striking it is, that Cheney's in a wheelchair. avoiding eye contact with everybody, it seems.

  • There's Obama! He looks half-asleep. Awesome.

  • If only our new president knew how to make a speech….

  • He mentioned the existence of non-Christians and 'non-believers' in his speech!! That was refreshing!

    …and did anyone else think that Cheney looked just like Henry F. Potter from 'It's a Wonderful Life'? Could there be a more appropriate parody?

  • Hey, he was calling us to action….when I'm inspired, I work out! 🙂 Hopefully I will be inspired a lot this coming year. I particularly appreciated Obama's assurance to the rest of the world that we will be the friend of nations who promote freedom around the world and that we won't tolerate those who want to rule by violence and hatred. He was both humble and powerful. He reminded me about the definition of meekness that I've heard so often….power, under control. That is what we need.

  • Jessica: What's nice is that I read of huge nationwide poll attesting to the fact that people do have great expectations of Obama, but at the same time understand it will take him years to "fix" what's broken. That was a great thing to hear. People seem like they've gotten very realistic about seriously addressing some of the problems now facing the nation. Everyone I talk to agrees: He seems up to the job, but it's something everyone's going to have to help with. And, as you say, he's just a man. People seem to understand that. It's nice.

  • Jerri: Funny about the working out! And yes, you're right: real strength, of course, is ultimately about control and humility. Obama seems to know the difference between actual power and fluff-and-bluff.

  • Bummed

    Too bad some in the audience at the inauguration responded this way to an outgoing President:

    "'Nah nah nah nah, hey hey, good-bye,' a section of the crowd chanted."

    It just doesn't fit the dignified manner of the event, and or the office of the President. Didn't their moms teach them to be gracious winners?

  • Bummed: You're right, of course. But I do think we have to acknowledge the validity of the truth that generally people are not inclined to show respect to a person whom they feel has utterly and repeatedly shown them no respect at all. I actually thought the Bush-booing would be worse. On a beach here in San Diego they've put up one of those big balloons like are popping up all over the country–the ones that look like Bush, but with a long Pinocchio nose. Everyone's enjoying hurling their shoes at it. Given how deeply unpopular Bush is–given people's outrage at the way he led us to war, at Katrina, Gitmo, Gonzales, etc.—I thought people were admirably restrained. I never knew an American president could be so widely held in such disdain.

  • I have listened to his speech a few times now (live, at lunch with my wife, and in the car) and each time I thought of W. sitting just 8 feet behind him…aaaawkwaaaaard!!

    Imagine what Obama could accomplish if he just had some public speaking skills!! 🙂

  • Imagine how much more awkward it's gonna be when Obama's Attorney General notifies Bush and Cheney that they're being sued for war crimes.

  • Is anyone out there watching the parade? If so, I'd be glad to hang here and exchange impressions of it. If not, I'm gonna go … well, walk and then get some writing done. (The whole thing's such a trip, though, yeah? What a day.)

  • Kikkimem

    I'm not. I was, but it got kinda boring.

  • Harold

    Nah. I went back to work. (Not that I'm doing much of that, either)

  • sammiewor

    I'm watching it. Everyone looks so happy. I thought the parade route would be more crowded, though

  • I’m one of the few left behind to work in the office. I’m so jealous of my co-workers who got to go. They better bring me photos to post.

  • Hey, I tried to find the live blog, but I guess this is it. 🙂

    I was touched by Obama’s speech, by President Bush’s departure and the enormous job that President Bush left and President Obama has taken on. I am so grateful to live in our country.

    And I miss my dad. There…I felt all of those things while I listened to Obama’s inauguration speech and was working out at the same time…can I multi-task or what?

  • You CAN, multi-task, Jerri! I couldn’t even eat my toast and watch O’s speech at the same time.

  • Jessica

    I was watching the first part of the inauguration at my daughter’s school and that was really cool. I am excited that my daughters won’t know a time when it was a long shot for a black man to be president. I also hope that they get a chance to experience as an adult the excitement that I am feeling today.

    When I was listening to the local Seattle radio station they made a point to remind us that we won’t turn on our faucets this morning and find wine flowing. I haven’t been that extremely in awe of Obama but I have a lot of friends who are. It’s important to remember that he is just a man and just like every man he will have failure and triumphs.

  • Sam: I heard on one of the channels that the parade route has relatively sparse crowds along it because the unbelievable amounts of security around the event wound up making it too impossible for people to get from where they were to where the parade was going by.

  • Jamie –

    "Keeping terrorists busy" isn't a war crime. But we executed Japanese prison camp directors for waterboarding. We used to call that a war crime. Nice try at obfuscation, though.

  • Jamie

    Bush has been a crushing disappointment on many levels, but not in national / homeland security. Keeping terrorists busy in their own corner of the world — and thereby keeping us safe for over 7 years after a terrorist attack — cannot meet the criteria for war crimes. You can hate war (and I do) and still keep that in perspective.

    Otherwise, you’d have to bring up Bill Clinton on war crimes, because our troops are still in Kosovo.

  • Jessica


    I agree that expectations for Obama are far more realistic now than several months ago. It was funny to hear my mom, who lives in Kansas, talk about her friends being so sure that Obama was the antichrist as opposed to many of my friends in Seattle who were sure he was a messiah. When I called her Tuesday she told me that her friend said it was a sad day in honkeytown. It about fell over laughing.

    I am just happy to finally have a new president.