Oh, What a Tangled Web I Weave

To continue the fascinating saga of deciding what I’m gonna do online. (Man, is this ever for my hardcore reader fans. Who else could possibly care? And how could any of you HRF’s even care? But I know you do, you sweeties.)

The thing I’m deciding, really, boils down to this: I’m going to start another blog. I’ll keep my religious/theology stuff on my blog, “Suddenly Christian,” and put all my other comedy-type stuff on my other blog, which I’ll call “JohnShore.com.” So I’ve been thinking about how best to present those complementary blogs.

I’m also writing a new book. I’m seriously considering bypassing publishers with this one, and instead selling it directly to my readers online. That way I could write exactly what I want, how I want. (You have no idea what a nightmare I am for Book Marketers, who nowadays have so very much to say about what ends up in book stores. I think I’m the only person in the history of book publishing who’s ever written a book—being Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang—that can actually be categorized as either fiction or non-fiction. As far as I know that’s unprecedented.) I have no idea if anyone would pay, say, $10 for a pdf file of a book I wrote, but … that’s what I’m thinking about!

Okay, you can wake up now. I know I’ll be very awake very soon, cuz 24 is almost on!!! HIDE YOUR BALLPOINT PENS!!

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  • You watch “24”????

    Am I the only person left who doesn’t?

    Yes, I’m interested in this saga. I am absolutely a blog junkie.

  • My wife and I are “24” freaks. We have all the seasons on DVD. It’s unhealthy. But we don’t care, man. We’re hooked. It’s fun to watch America being saved by a man whose first name is a yogurt drink.

  • Yogurt drink?

    Oh … yeah … you’re from California. I don’t know any yogurt drinks except “Go Gurt.” Of course, I hate yogurt … which is a problem, since Stonyfield Farm might be my favorite business.

    Thankfully, my daughter likes yogurt. So she eats Stonyfield Farm yogurt for me. Kind of like a carbon offset, only not.

    Speaking of California … a friend of mine (who moved from CA a couple years ago) recently made my son a peanut butter and fluff sandwich, then said, “But it’s not with marshmallow fluff, it’s rice-mellow fluff. It’s better.”

    What is it with Californians, anyway? Who thought that rice paste would be better than marshmallow fluff?