Why Is Coffee So Popular? WHY? WHO WANTS TO KNOW?!

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"Very true!!!!! I agree with what you said!!!"

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  • MM

    "Do you have a problem with the American way of life? Because I don’t."

    Your supposed to finish that 2nd sentence with: ", commie".

    Starbucks' bathrooms are generally clean for public restrooms. I know, I used to clean them, every hour. One time though, some junkie came in at like 2am( I worked at the only 24 hour location in Chicago, on the night shfit) and hit a bad vein and spayed blood on the wall. I drew the shortest straw on who got to the clean that up. Worst job ever.

  • Oh, YIKES. EVER!!! God. That's awful. But you just saved me money on lunch. THANKS!

  • Latoya

    LOL! Was i the one who had asked this question?? I think so. Talk about lunch. I just had mine (escoveitch fish) and when i was almost through i found an escoveitch fly in it!

  • Yeahfaswf

    Whoever wrote this poor excuse for a rant is a degenerate moron.

    Stop wasting peoples time with your ignorance.

  • Wow! See, now here we have someone who REALLY needs to cut down on their coffee intake ….!

  • Oh, well, I like this degenerate moron named John Shore. And I hope to have coffee with him one day.

  • Thanks, Mr. Bennett. (I wonder if Yeahfaswf [??] is gonna join my fan page?

  • When I grow up I want to be half the degenerate moron John Shore is… (or should it be twice the degenerate moron)?

  • brdonaldson

    I'll never understand people's affection for coffee. It triggers my gag response…no offense meant to the coffee aficionados that's just the way it is. What really confounds me, though, is why are people so passionate and offensive in coffee's defense. I just mention that I don't like it and people go off on me as if I had cursed the US of A. It's almost like an alcoholic defending his hooch!

  • Do the British like coffee too? Cause I recently heard queuing up is what the British do best.

    Must be lots of coffee in Britishland.

  • James

    It's an addiction, pure and simple. But what a glorious addiction.

  • -LuZaR..!

    -ii aGrEe..! hU eVa pOsTeD DiiS bLuDii tHiiNg iiS a F@#* mOrOn..! LoOkiiN 4 sUm bLuDii aNsWeR hEa aNd DiiS iiS dAh mOsT LaMe tHiiNg iiVe eVa hEaRd..! dUhM iiDiioT..! =[

  • Katgelinas

    I don’t like coffee really either. The funny thing is that I like tea, and I was raised in the good ol’ USA and people yell at me too about it. Then if I do go to coffee shop and buy it for whatever reason then I get sick. But you are right coffee drinkers get really funny about it. They act like you cursed GOD himself because you don’t really like coffee and it makes you sick. And it is good for you in moderation just like alcohol, but lets face coffee drinkers just can’t have one! 🙂

  • Katgelinas

    Hahahaha about the Bathroom thing! It just had that happen to me and I came in and told my co-worker. Don’t you hate it when your in the bathroom by yourself and then someone comes in and starts talking. And then I read this post and was on the floor laughing because I know how it feels.

  • David Pemberton

    Holy mother of all things roasted these comments are off the chain. Pass me another cup of jo and maybe ill be able to keep up! 🙂

  • Maria

    Well it made me laugh. Thanks.

  • A’isha

    Geez, John, only a triple? What kind of coffee drinker are you? Give me a quad white mocha with soy, please. (Added the please ’cause we’re polite up here in the Pacific Northwest, especially to our barista.)

  • Deni

    I’m pretty sure my blood type is Kenyan AA dark roast.

    My phlebotomist always compliments me on my crema.

  • Joe Vaughn

    I love my Coffee!!! I am on my second pot of coffee for today! I take mine old-school style I brew it at home. 🙂 Anyone who doesnt like coffee,,,well,,, probably should’nt be trusted…..probably.