Operation 51st Birthday, Phase III

Phase II was:

1. Enjoy delicious glass of Hendrick’s gin (from bottle of said booze, which was birthday gift from wife Cat) whilst sitting at dining room table and chatting with said Cat, who’s lovingly insisted on cleaning kitchen and making delicious spaghetti dressed with garlic-infused olive oil (being olive oil warmed with garlic cloves) and parmesan cheese. NOODLES WITH CHEESE! It’s all I can do not to eat our dining room table and turn Happy Kid cartwheels waiting for her to finish Meal ala’ Paradise.

2. Discuss with Cat (while at table, waiting) psychological profiles of characters in novel that I (by which, let’s face it, I mean that she and I) am/are writing, which is The Book for which I’ve spent my life preparing.

3. Watch and be utterly freaked out by sheer narrative power of episode four of the PBS show “Liberty,” about the American Revolution.

4. Revel in nap.

5. Sit still while wife cuts hair.

6. Shower. Shave. Put on awesome Going Out outfit. (That’s right; it’s all about the Bahama ala’ Tommy.)

7. Listen to M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes.”

8. Blog, while Cat showers/gets ready for Big Night Out.

9. Feel inordinate degree of gratitude and emotional support received from happy-birthdays delivered via Facebook, emails, and blog.

10. No. 9, some more.

Thank you, all you friends.

Phase III: Fancy Dinner Out, followed by production of “Working” (based on the seminal book of the same name by Studs Terkel), produced and performed by the world-famous Old Globe Theater.

What a life. I can’t believe some people don’t believe in God.

Well. I can. But still.

But still!

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  • Greta Sheppard

    . . .just so you can say you got a post birthday comment!

    I'm salivating over spaghetti dressed with garlic-infused olive oil (being olive oil warmed with garlic cloves) and parmesan cheese!)

    Cat sounds like a good woman . . . and she cuts hair too . . .lucky you.

  • Christine

    Have to say you sound like a gleeful kid in a candy shop with unlimited money. Loving that you still find your birthday so fun and exciting. I am only 24 and that birthday was so bad not looking forward to the next let alone THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! But reading this I am capitvated by your joy in the simple things as well as the big ones and am renewed with my sense of wonder and excitement about birthdays again. Far too young to be old and cynical. LOL.

    Congrats again man, glad you had such an awesome time and it all went so well. And go you for singing with the actors, beat they were saying after "you hear the guy singing?? Was the only sudience member that appreciated our hardwork". Happy Birthday