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Devout Gay Christians I’ve Known and Loved

An email reminds me of the fact that some of the most devout, biblically knowledgeable Christians I have ever known are gay. [Read more…]

Three Sisters. Father Killed in Iraq. Mother, 41, Just Died. Prayers, Please?

Hi, guys. If I may again impose upon your spiritual gifts and generosity. Difficult times, these, in our neck of the woods. Tamika Hudson is a young women who works for my wife Catherine. This past Friday, Tamika’s aunt, Kavelyn, succumbed to cancer. She was 41 years old. Kavelyn has three daughters—Vaneecia, Erykah, and Verhonda. [Read More…]

A New Look (Again, I Know). Last Time! Promise!

I hope, faithful and patient reader, that you don’t mind my yet again changing my blog template. This is the latest from WordPress, and I like it very much. I changed it because I much prefer the display font on this one—and it has a much stronger sidebar. LAST CHANGE, I swear. Thanks. [Read more…]

“The-the-the …. That’s all, folks!”

“Calling it ‘swine flu’ is a clear failure of our National Euphemism Regulatory Department. NERD should have labeled this flu, right off, as the ‘Babe Bug.’ Or maybe “Porky’s Predicament.” [Read more…]

Gary Michael Has Died

Gary Michael, the man I wrote about here, has died. Thank you all for your very kind prayers. In this life Gary was blind. Now, with God, he sees. In this life Gary had the mind of a child. Now, with God, his mind knows no bounds. [Read more…]

Women in Abusive Relationships: Back to Your Future! (pt.3)

(Update: All the posts of this series have been collected into one piece, Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships, and How to Defeat Each One of Them.) [An update for those of you who read yesterday’s Blind Mans Heart Accidentally Cut by Surgeon: Prayers, Please: Gary is still on life support in intensive care. [Read More…]

Blind Man’s Heart Accidentally Cut by Surgeon: Prayers, Please

I have a prayer/Good Vibes request, please. One of the thrift stores run by my wife Cat (for Encinitas’ Community Resource Center) is managed by a good woman named Karen. Karen has a 51-year-old brother named Gary Michael, to whom she is very close. Gary is developmentally disabled, and blind. This morning Gary was hospitalized [Read More…]

My Breakfast With My Christian Book Agent

In which I pitch to my agent two SUPERB ideas for Christian books: “The Shaq,” and “The Porpoise Driven Life.” Is he lucky to have me, or WHAT? [Read more…]

Plants. Coma. Pretty Pots. Coma.

If on this Monday morning you are feeling particularly uninspired and listless, I can help! Namely, I can help you slip directly into a full-fledged coma. (If “fledge” a word? “Hey! I found my lost fledge!” “I don’t want to go out today; I’m feeling all fledgy.” “I fledge alliegence to the flag ….” So [Read More…]

Christians: Minus the Sex, is Gay Love OK?

I’m terribly sorry for this inconvenience, but the post you are looking for is here. [Read more…]