A New Look (Again, I Know). Last Time! Promise!

I hope, faithful and patient reader, that you don’t mind my yet again changing my blog template. This is the latest from WordPress, and I like it very much. I changed it because I much prefer the display font on this one—and it has a much stronger sidebar. LAST CHANGE, I swear. Thanks.

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  • Dude, change it as often as you want! It's your blog. I dig it, but I come here to read your thoughts more than I do for the look – and I like it! 😉

  • What a kind thing to say! Thanks, Mark!

  • I like it John! Just noticed "Trying God’s patience since 1958".. you crack me up!

  • Oh, hey, thanks, Bob. Yeah, that little slogan thing didn't too much stand out with the old template–but I did notice how much more prominent it is on this one. I had to put something in the little space where you're supposed to … well, put something, and that seemed pretty good. So I do appreciate you saying you like it.

    So did the whole template show up on your screen? I ask because this afternoon when I was at my wife's job, I tried to show her the new blog look, and it loaded for … crap. The sidebar wouldn't load, and the header was off. It just .. well, wouldn't load? But you guys are seeing it all right? Any weirdness there? Thanks for the input, which of course is very helpful.

  • Dan Harrell


    I rushed to the site and then realized that it was the site that was different, not you. When you say new look, I didn't know what to think.

    Keep up the good work.


  • I don´t blame you for changing, I did the same thing. I am also using this template, well because it has color and makes me stand out! LOL

  • Everything showed up just fine for me John..

  • Bob: Thanks for the status report. But my wife's still getting no sidebar!! (Unless she scrolls way the heck down.) I wonder …???

  • Cibola

    I like the colors and especially the tufts of grass.

    The sidebar is fine on my computer.

  • Re: the sidebar, I noticed that it shows up fine on Firefox, but funky on IE. No surprise there. IE never plays nice.

    btw, I noticed this layout yesterday, and I LOVE it! I like how the individual comments and blog posts are all contained nicely in their own boxes. Nice, neat little compartments– all of life should be like that 😉

  • Yeah, right? It's the boxy goodness of this template that I so love. (That, and the blog typeface. LOVE IT) But yes, the self-contained boxes. Just as you said.

    But how hosed am I if, as you say, it doesn't show right in IE? I do think that's the problem. I haven't wanted to, like, BURDEN people by asking them to right in and tell me what they see AND what browser they're using, but …BUMMER IF IT DOESN'T WORK IN IE SINCE THAT'S WHAT MOST PEOPLE HAVE!!

    It's so weird. I KNOW it's not working in IE, and I'm STILL using it! I just keep hoping the WordPress people will … fix it.

    The boxes. The implied AND explicit grass. The 12-pointish Roman font. Bloggy heaven.

  • I guess it's not so much a problem of WordPress needing to "fix" something as it is the fact that IE is what's "broken"– it just does not conform to normal web standards, as other browsers do. It's special! Which means web developers have to write normal code that will work on "normal" browsers AND they have to write code that conforms to IE. Also explains why they always bemoan new releases of IE– just when they get their stuff working on one version, the new version breaks it!

    As for how hosed you are– I guess it depends on how much people use the sidebar, my guess it's not nearly as important as your posts themselves, so, eh– let them convert to Firefox, or let them scroll down if they must access the sidebar content 😉

    Anyway… back to boxy goodness… it's one of the things I loved most about your previous theme before this one (the one with the dark brown background and white rounded boxes), but didn't like the small font.

  • Bwahahaha– check out this scoring page I found on this particular theme:


    Scroll down a bit and you'll see their checklist, among which was this:

    #4. Compatible with IE6? FAIL

    Looks like it's compatible with IE7, though, so maybe the die-hard IE users can simply upgrade their browsers if they don't want to try Firefox?

  • It's a mystery to me why anyone continues to use IE. But of course so many do—and it's no real mystery why, of course. It's ubiquitous. Ubiquitus. Ubiguitioueous. Eveywhere.

    TOTALLY interesting theme scoring site!!!

    Yes, the theme before the one before this was was so great EXACTLY because of its boxiliciousness. That's some Blog Template Memory you have there! Freak.

  • It's a mystery to me, too. But hey– Microsoft gets to make its own rules, right? I read somewhere that the makers of… Netscape(?) sued Microsoft because its bundling of IE with its software was tantamount to holding a monopoly on the web browser market and didn't offer people choices. I can't remember what the outcome of that was– I think it was a mandate to include one other browser along with IE in its future software packages?

    And haha, I remember your theme mainly because I was using the same one at the time. Didn't like the small font, though, and was bummed I couldn't change it. The inability to customize templates without paying is one of the main reasons I still stick with Blogger over WordPress :-/

  • Latoya

    Shows great in my IE! 🙂 Love it by the way