Proof That Bees Make Water Meter Honey

Mmmmmm … delicious water meter honey.


I came across this extremely busy hive (bees were zooming in and out of there like it was Christmas at O’Hare) in an alley running between some businesses and homes in downtown Encinitas, CA.

Did the bees think, “Who cares if it’s a cement hole in the middle of the street? It looks just like a hive! Let’s do it!”?

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  • Greta Sheppard



  • um. Yay for bee independance and creativity. I mean, Wow.

    2- where do you live John that you just have all this photographic material right at your fingertips. I mean, seriously. Can I kidnap your home? Please? Promise to give it back after I break it from the photography.

    and C: Lady Sheppard, I love your comments; all thoughtful and provoking that they are- but would you be so kind to hit your caps key, and turn off the screaming? Please? Its…. unnervingly scary. Thank you!

  • Casey's right, Greta: You do have great comments! (And hers is a good reminder to all of us to use caps judijiously judisciously judisciously sparingly.)

    Casy: Yes! Ever resourceful bees! Adaptability is surely THE most important factor for … well, everything. So bees rule. THESE insane bees do, anyway.

    "After I break it from the photography." Too great! Yeah, I took all these pictures in or around Encinitas, CA, which is a little beach town up the California coastline about 25 miles from downtown San Diego. I appreciate you acting like my photos are anything more than what they are—which, of course, are just the results of me, walking around, basically being weird.

  • (Translated from Bee Speak)

    "Hey, let's fly over here!"

    "Why? That's a stupid water meter!"

    "Yeah, but John's coming. He's got his camera! We could be famous!"

  • Tim

    There were several water valve boxes along Dove Canyon Road in 4S Ranch that had become home to a sizable hive. When driving by the well-used stretch of community sidewalk, there was often a bit of unintentional street theater going on. Pedestrians, when suddenly finding themselves in the midst of a vast quantity of buzzing buddies, would begin frantically dancing about flailing their hands and arms around their heads and faces.

    If I hadn’t been an unwilling previous cast member myself, the ongoing comedic performances of evasive choreography would have probably gone unnoticed. At least by me. However, the grounds keeper had to come and break up the act. Call me cruel, but watching the “bee dancers” made me laugh to the point of wheezing for air and wetting myself.

    Bees aren’t dumb. A ready made home with the right size front door and running water…why not? Man was too thick to see a need for a bee-proof valve box. Yep…I Googled it.

  • You guys are cracking me up with this stuff. Funny bee dialogue; great bit of writing, Tim. Wonderful. If I didn't write this blog, I'd read it just for the comments.