Proof That God is Creating a Race of Rock People


Here’s a picture I took this weekend in some mountains four miles from our home.

Be afraid.

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  • But you have to admire his chiseled good looks…

    Perhaps this was just the latest attempt to re-create Mt. Rushmore – an attempt by Miss Yondo's kindergarten class – well done guys, but it's a bit cumbersome to stick to my refrigerator door.

  • Or, of course, it could be a Titan.

    That would really annoy Richard Dawkins. Although it might take a bit of explaining from God, too.

    *Grins benignly*

  • Greta Sheppard

    Liked the idea of Titan…. John, you seem to have a nose for scouting these things out!

    Well done . . !

  • Hmmm … of course, in NH we lost the Old Man in the Mountain a few years ago. Maybe this is part of a new generation to pick up where he left off.

  • Latoya

    WOW. you are really into finding wierd stuff to take pics of… Love it!:D

  • namesake

    I don't know, maybe Rocks are the highest form of goodness and God is transforming people into rocks. Like a salvage operation: "Well, this one's a bit clunky and sharp on the edges (or soft and fragile), but if I turn him (or her) into a stone, it will be a nice feature in my xeriscape."

    Hence that comment from Jesus about the rocks crying out?

    Obviously, the former person you've captured was a bit menacing, but marvelously handsome, except for the mullett. Thank God for redemption.

  • Latoya

    John, did you realise you have a bunch of crazy ppl reading your blog?

  • I suspected it, but never really had the proof like I have now.

  • OldStuff1835

    It is a fascinating aspect of brain science that demonstrates that humans are pattern seeking animals. We are particularly tuned to human faces and forms…hence people flocking to see cloudy office windows or grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • Des

    This one was spotted just up the road from me. I wonder if Abe came back as a rock.

  • I bet Abe would make a great rock star.

  • Looks like Ron Perlman.

  • Yeu: FUNNY!

    Red: Oh my God. That's exactly it.

  • My eight-year-old is into this kind of weird photography. He takes pictures of the inside of garbage cans, or his dirty toes, or close ups the carpet. He'll even stop people on the street and ask them to do something that he can take a picture of. And they do it! It's so funny. The other day he was jumping off a big rock in our hay field and snapping pictures as he flew thru the air, just to see what he got. Anyway, loving your pics.

    And thanks for the use of your testimony in my weekend workshop. Many people related to and commented on your "outside-the-box" style of communication. It was a great weekend. God bless you.