She Takes the Pledge

In response to my Getting Big Laughs with the Pledge of Allegiance, a reader sent me this video of her little girl gettin her patriot on. Just too cute.

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  • HW

    1. So Dad's relaxing on the couch with the TV on quietly.

    2. Little girl is hanging out in the same room, ready to try her memorization.

    3. Mom grabs the video camera, and everything just unfolds naturally.

    Not to be too corny, but that's America.

    That's the good stuff.

  • Hjordes

    That was toooo cute!

  • John Shore

    HW: Yeah, it really is the best. Of America, or anywhere … well, or anywhere families can afford TV's and video cameras, anyways ….

    Hjordes; She IS to cute. It kills me how automatically she switches tracks once her mom gives her the simple prompt of the word "one." She doesn't skip a beat. Excellent.