Five Pros & Cons About Sarah Palin.


1. Sarah is extremely good-looking.

Pro: People automatically attribute all kinds of winning and noble personal characteristics (intelligence, wisdom, maverickyness, etc.) to the exceptionally good-looking.

Con: It’s too easy for the exceptionally good-looking to automatically attribute such qualities to themselves.

2. Sarah is highly intelligent.

Pro: Brains are good.

Con: Highly intelligent people who don’t apply themselves to any sort of formal or deeply systematic education always think they’re smarter than they are, and tend to lack humility.

3. Sarah seems extremely easy to offend.

Pro: Who isn’t?

Con: Overly reactive  + unceasing media attention = Not Good.

4. Sarah’s resignation speech (and subsequent CNN interview) made her seem crazy.

Pro: Crazy is interesting.

Con: Right after “interesting,” crazy becomes scary. Then sad. Then boring.

5. Odds are Sarah will get her own radio talk show.

Pro: She’ll be great at it!

Con: She’ll be great at it!

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  • Tim

    Have to disagree with the Con on point 2.

    Maybe I'm just in a funky way this morning, but was your point leveled at non academics supposed to be tongue-in-cheek?

  • No, it wasn't. I didn't say anything about being an "academic" (which is why I included the "or systematic…" option). All I'm saying is that people who … well, just what I said. If YOU are the main intellectual teacher and leader in your life, then you'll always TEND to think you know more than you do, and you'll TEND not to be as humble about your intellectual gifts as you would be if you'd spent any serious, extended, disciplined time becoming familiar with the thoughts and works of lots and lots of other people who were born at least as smart as you, and who then spent their lives not only mastering but contributing to their chosen field of study.

  • Dan Harrell

    Seems to me that Sarah at least knows the "game" pretty well. I can't seem to figure out why anyone would want the prize.

  • Dan: I actually think exactly the opposite. I think she wants power and fame, which is a drive she shares with 99.99% of the rest of the population. What she DOESN'T seem to grasp are, in fact, the rules of the game. She seems to want and expect all the gain, with none of the pain.

  • John/Tim,

    As a holder of a post-grad degree, in general I've seen that the more formal education someone has in an area, the more they realize they don't really know about the subject. PhD's can finally begin to ask really good questions and are aware that the answers are elusive.

    I have more confidence in areas outside my education than I do in my Master's field of study. It's all false confidence, of course, but it's there nonetheless since I haven't studied enough to become humble.

    This is "in general" though. Sometimes post-graduate work just inflates an already-big ego.

  • Tim

    Hey John. I wasn't grasping what a systematic education was. Color me ignorant. I made the assumption that systematic was synonymous with formal. I really WAS in a funky way today.

  • Tim: No, I mean, it's not like it was especially clear what exactly I meant. (I added the word "deeply" as a modifier to "systematic," thinking it might more clearly indicate that what I mean is seriously self-educated. Which of course amounts to a discipline of which very, very few people are capable.)

  • Greta Sheppard

    John, I disagree with your con # 3 . . . 'Sarah seems extremely easy to offend'!

    Who wouldn't be gun shy, when CNN reporter/cynics, much like political vultures, are breathing down your neck, trying to trip you up? Face it! They don't like Palin….they want her dead .

    The only way they know to put her down and show her in a bad light, (in order to defame her), is to 'strain (gnaw) at the gnats(a very tiny bug) and swallow (suppress) the camels' (large things)of her political successes and family life.

    The egotistical men and women on CNN drive me round the bend with their arrogance. . . there is not an ounce of humility in any of them! Does anyone ever check them out? Now that would be a turn around, wouldn't it? Wolf Blitzer? . . . give me a break! ….he loves calamity in anyone whose life and career makes headlines. Sheesh!!!! God save America from CNN!

  • That really just about covers it, doesn’t it?

  • Regarding point #4, “crazy” hasn’t stopped plenty of people from having long, successful careers in either Hollywood, talk radio or Washington!

    For all her complaints of scrutiny and frivolous attacks, I don’t see her as wanting to leave the limelight anytime soon.

  • Wondering

    If you're in a political mood, why bother with Palin? I didn't watch her press conference, and I don't really care where she goes from here. Whatever. (BTW on #2, I think she has a college degree, but again, whatever.)

    There are so many political personalities I'd think would give you blog ideas — including Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, VP Biden, Al Franken, Hillary Clinton, etc. And I guess I'm most surprised I haven't seen a post from you about the President in the months since he was elected, but maybe I missed it?

  • OldStuff1835

    #5 …. My intuition tells me that she already has a FOX news deal in her pocket. They always seem to latch onto the religious right-wing detritus (ala Huckabee).

  • OldStuff1835

    …and your assessment, John, is absolutely correct.

    Education and amassing formal knowledge on a subject often makes one LESS certain about what they know. Education…real education…I often feel is less about answering questions, but rather a vehicle for creating more focused questions. Claiming absolute knowledge about anything kills inquiry and is an intellectual death-sentence.

  • smithkov

    #5 made me both chuckle and sad.

  • Dear John,

    This assessment is not only funny but dead-on right. I can personally attest to the pros and cons of a couple of these points; I won't say which two, for fear of adding to the embarassment I suffered when I first discovered the above-mentioned cons.

    I bet Mrs. Palin would do well on radio.

  • "at least knows the “game” pretty well"

    So, this whole comment was just a ploy to make the rest of us lose the Game, huh? Clever, Mr. Harrell. Well, now YOU lost.

  • Hjordes

    I like her.

  • Lots of people do. (And, of course, I can't tell if you're joking. I'm guessing you're not.)

  • OldStuff1835

    On some levels, I like her too. But there are lots of people I 'like' that are wholly unsuited for high office in our United States.

  • Liz

    HA! "Highly intelligent"… ARE funny John.

  • thefakejohnshore

    Thank the good Lord that someone finally breathed a bit of fresh air into this post.

    Sarah Palin is a Patriot.

    Sarah Palin is a Governor. Well, she quit but that is because…

    Sarah Palin is a VICTIM of the liberal media.

    I am so sick and tired of these liberals jumping in and making this strong American woman look so stupid. Nobody knows where other countries are, and that’s because we don’t NEED to know. With China breathing down our neck, the Mexicans invading this country. She is attacked needlessly by CNN, I’m so sick and tired of people not giving her a fair shake. If people would only wake up and watch FOX News, they’d get the kind of objective, hard hitting journalism that is brave enough to tell the truth!

    But we won’t, and that’s because no one wants to hear the truth. Sarah Palin is like Jesus. Nay, she *is* Jesus (except Jesus would never be a woman). A prophet spurned from Her own town, that town being America.

  • Sushi

    Sarchasmo! Bellisimo!

  • my thoughts exactly!