I Laughed So Hard At This I Feared for My Life

This, to me, is about as funny as five minutes can possibly get.

See also my really pretty much entirely hilarious Go to Work as The Twelve Days of Christmas.

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  • Grace Dreger

    "Two things of ..rum."

    You're right to divorce you wife. -Never thought I'd say that.

  • THE "TWO THINGS OF RUM" JUST KILLED ME!!! Unbelievable. That is the funniest moment EVER. That, and " … DUCK." And the " … some whiskey someone left there." All of it. Incredible. I've been listening to it all day, and every time I laugh so hard I end up worrying that I might die or … burst something.

  • Jerri: What happens when you hit the … big white "Play" arrow/button? Does it just spin and not load? (And what do you mean, you can't open it EITHER. Has someone ELSE had trouble opening it?)

    Tap the video twice and it'll take you right to the UTube site, where you can hear it.

  • Okay….this must be funny…but I can’t open it either! I’ve tried many times. Maybe that’s what is so funny…you making us THINK something is there but it isn’t! Cruelty, John!

  • My stomach is hurting laughing at this. Must repost on fb. thx for the laugh.

  • Latoya

    I've got to side with Cat on this one. Sorry John

  • Tim

    did I just hear a "two sandwiches of whiskey" in there? brilliant.

  • Oh, Latoya. Must I again have to think there MUST be some sort of cultural disconnect going on here? Perhaps you recall:


  • Richard Lubbers

    "Something that flies!?!?" What a hoot!

  • Rich: Yeah, that just KILLS me. I really don’t understand why I think the whole thing is as funny as I do. I listened to it again this morning, and my wife came into the kitchen to find me leaning against the kitchen counter for support, gasping and crying. I almost physically can’t take listening to that thing. I have no idea why. My whole LIFE is humor, and it always has been. I don’t think I’ve found five things in my whole life that I thought were that funny. It’s ridiculous. It just … transports me. It’s insane.

  • Latoya

    No, you have it all wrong. I listened to it…but i didnt hear ALL of it (I was at work so i had it on a moderate volume). I actually heard a good amount of it tho. But i promise i will listen to the whole thing 😀

  • Latoya

    So I listened to all of it. It was funny, but really not that funny. I chuckled once or twice and smiled a couple times. 🙂

  • Amanda

    My favorite part was right before the 4 minute mark when he all of a sudden speeds up hahaha

  • YES! Yes. yes, yes, yes, that’s the moment. Or certainly one of them. A KEY one. Also I like when he seems to resolve everything to, once, “a duck,” and, at another time, “a bush.”

  • Dave Bowling

    He was a master at acting like the sloppy drunk and allowing people to laugh at him – but the laugh was all his since he never was drunk in any of his skits or acts. He was great at his schtik (not sure I spelled that correctly.)

  • Becky backert

    Foster was a Louisville, Kentucky native and his nephew, Randy Brooks, wrote ‘Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer’. I knew/ know them both and they were a scream!

  • I’m not fond of drunks. They are amusing only to themselves.

  • Okay, yeah, but this is a world-renowned ACTOR, see….

  • Maybe I just don’t think it’s funny. Drunks are pathetic. But thanks anyway.

  • I hear you, for sure. Anyone would.

  • Kelly

    I’m sure it helped that I had two glasses of wine myself but…Thank you that was wonderful! Now I can go to bed happy

  • Foster Brooks was the funniest drunk impressionist EVER!!! I saw him live in Las Vegas many years ago!!! Brilliant comedian!! Have you ever seen the sketch with him & Dean Martin with him playing an airline pilot having a drink before his flight? Classic one from the days of the Dean Martin show…I’ll try to find it & share it also! Thanks for an early morning laugh!! 🙂 🙂 L.O.L. TRULY!!! 🙂 🙂

  • Foster Brooks was a Louisville native and hosted a charity golf tournament there yearly. As I recall, he didn’t even drink! What a funny man.