“Honey, Wake Up! You’ve Won the Nobel Prize!”

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  • I still wouldn't want any prize that doesn't come with a bell!

    But in your version, at least he gets a peach.

  • "We’re bombing the moon?"

    … I love it! Brilliant little side joke there!

    Actually, I kind of want a Nobel Peach Prize, with or without a crown.

  • Latoya

    Hey, its on the front page in our newspapers too

  • You fixed one of the peaches. The fifth stanza from the bottom still has the fuzz on it.

  • OH MY GOD! This is insane. Lemme go fix this. I now owe YOU $50, Brian.

  • Leonardo

    Barack: But, How. . .? Me?

    Michelle: Don't you remember?. It' the politics st_p!

    Barack: But, How. . .? Me?

    Michelle: [kissing him] It’s not about what you’ve yet to do, baby. It’s about what you’ve done thus far.They love how you're trying to make USA the new Sweden

  • Actually, I thought that the "Peach Prize" joke was deliberate, sort of a "does this other award come with a crown" thing combined with sleep-speak.

    I guess I should try out for work as a political spin-doctor, huh?

    My worldview is shattered …

  • Latoya

    'Author. Blogger. Couch layerer onner.'?????? (not related to this post)

  • Wickle: Beautiful.

    LaToya: Jesus said the truth would set us free. So I thought I'd test that a little.

  • Oh, thank GOD you (cleverly) alerted me that in the piece I’d misspelled “peace” “peach.” I KEPT DOING THAT! It’s the weirdest thing: my brain kept typing “peace,” but my fingers kept typing “peach.” You just saved me a LOT of embarrassment, Brian. Thank you!

  • barkha

    Mr S

    this is brilliant

    love your creativity

  • Leonardo

    Totally agree with barkha. I used it with some friends, (explaining that I read it in your blog). It’s brilliant. Agree or disagree, with some posts, I enjoy

  • A leader who hasn’t gotten us out of any of our conflicts wins the Peace Prize — delicious irony!

    What’s next, Glenn Beck getting an honorary doctorate?

  • Dan

    Man, this was some really funny stuff. I wish I was that gifted! Well done!

  • mm

    Barack: ” But don’t you think they could have just told me about this when i was in Switzerland a few weeks ago. Could have shuttled right over to Sweden. Could have killed two birds with one stone. Now i gotta get a on another f****** plane for 14 hours? You go.”

  • Tim

    Maybe Sweden was hoping some sort of "Field of Dreams" factor might come into play if they gave Obama the Peace prize. "If we give it…peace will come!"

  • Robert Meek

    It's them thar alien critters on the dark side of the moon in reptilian bodies that are shape-shifters he's dreaming of going after now. LOL! Too much overdose on "David Icke," (http://www.davidicke.com/) that 'tis a symptom of, for sure! Eh! I figured I had to do an add-on to the "We're bombing the moon?" sleep talk.

  • Robert Meek

    ROFT, LOL, LMAO. Aw, you gotta leave some of them there "Freudian slips" in now, Mr. Shore! 🙂

  • Gina Powers

    Hee! "Instant oatmeal"…..another great one, John….peaches or no peaches…;).

    Oh, and Redlefty–holy buckets, don't scare me like that! lol ;).

  • Elizabeth

    "Barack: I AM a pretty peaceful guy.

    Michelle: You are. And you’re very noble.

    Barack: And they DID give it to Kissinger.

    Michelle: There you go."

    How do you manage to make this 'couple-speak' sound realistic while simultaneously making it so freaking funny?