Osama Bin Laden and Ralph Stanley

As a former rabid anti-Christian who suddenly saw the light, do you mind if I say that Osama Bin Laden himself would drop to his knees and give his life to Jesus if ever he heard Ralph Stanley’s “Listen to the Shepherd”?


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  • http://odgie.wordpress.com odgie

    Ain't it the truth? I'd add Johnny Cash singing "The Old Rugged Cross" and Buddy Miller's cover of "There's A Higher Power" to that list.

  • Mz. Moore

    John I am jusst dropping by to say Hey! I missed reading you and catching up has been fun. I LOVED the drunken 12 days of christmas. I laughed so hard my laryngitis is now worse and my voice has completed disappeared. It was worth it tho. Thanks for keeping me laughing.

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Odgie: I don't know either of those songs. Yet. Thank you.

    Ingrid! How great to hear from you!!! Thanks so much for saying hi.

  • http://living3dfaith.blogspot.com/ Tim

    Romans, Isaiah and Philippians all say that " EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue will confess". But it WOULD be cool if UBL would come face-to-face with the true Issa in some cave (under the earth) REAL soon. If a song like Listen to the Shepherd is used to move UBL's heart toward that end…Praise Be to He!

  • Matt

    Let's say hypothetically Osama Bin Laden did become a Christian.

    What should he then do?

    I'm thinking he should turn himself in, and never ever mention that he had become a Christian. Even though I'd personally love to hear it, I think most people's level of forgiveness only goes so far. It would end up just being bad publicity for Christianity.

    First things first, however, so we're relying on you to infiltrate his secret lair with some cheerful tunes.

  • JJ

    Only a Renaissance man would know Dr. Ralph Stanley.

    Well done.

    And Bin Laden listening to Ralph Stanley?

    What a thought.

    Let it be so, Lord. Let it be so.