Nice to Meet You

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  • skerrib


  • Linda Chimienti

    I've always been able to remember people's names and it has done me no good at all. And do you know why? It's because I don't look anything like Cher. Talk about the "success in business gene"!

    I hope your dad read this post and I hope you did get to pee in his glove compartment. Pure silly!

  • John Shore

    My dad's never read my blog. He doesn't have/want a computer. I'd love him to read my blog, of course. But … he just … won't. He's simply not interested, at all.

  • Beth Luwandi

    dragnet that's a bummer

  • John Shore

    Thank you. It is. But … you know: dysfunctional parents. Emotionally, my dad's not exactly what you'd call healthy.

  • ric booth


    I still LOVE Mike-n-Ikes!

    Yeah, that pee in his glove compartment line had me laughing in the office. Good one.

  • John Shore

    Thanks, Ric!

  • Tracy Dyer

    Ope! So THAT's the reason reading you conjures up visions of a Kohler in the surf… weird

  • Latoya

    Nice to meet you Cher. lololoolol!!!!!!! Hilarious

  • Claudia Swart

    This whole piece was really so incredibly good John! Not only was it funny (and we never underestimate the funny), but it so purely captured the thoughts, the insights, of your younger self, that it comes pretty close to, well, perfect. I mean, I know you know this, seeing that you wrote it, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. And your lines like "… But I also didn't want to walk home. So I shut up." and " "I think so.' I had no idea.' So great! So funny!

    But then what I love is how the actual.. almost seriousness… is hidden beneath the surface. Like how our parents are sometimes doing their best, doing what THEY can, to help us, to give us something, and how they still sometimes just have no idea what is going on inside our heads. 'Course, my folks are hugely intuitive and almost always know exactly what is going on in my head, even if I say nothing, but my point remains. If you love someone, you do what you can, even if it doesn't seem like much.

    Oh and "Cher" – Freaking Fantastic!

  • John Shore

    Thanks a lot for this, Claudia. I've decided to make this sort of writing the main thing I do, so … this is great! Thanks!

  • awalkwiththee

    All I could picture this whole time was Christopher Walken and a young DiCaprio… "Catch Me if You Can"