Peace of the Lord

Happy Easter!

Well, to ratchet that all back just a bit.

Cuz, you know: manners, above all. (I actually believe that — which is … a whole other thing to bore you about some day.)


Hi, there!

Yeah, so, you’re either a Christian, or you’re not.

Actually, it’s not even almost anywhere near that simple. Curses! But the fact is I know major Christian clergy-people who think Christ was basically a social worker who got mugged; and I know people who fully embrace the historical figure of Christ—and, I mean, relative to everything having to do with Christ being God incarnate—who yet recoil at the thought of being stigmatized as “Christian.”


Gosh, wouldn’t it be great if this had turned out to be another of my awesome posts?

No. Because then my wife Catherine wouldn’t have, just now, called me upstairs (with her ever-alluring “Party on the second floor!”), to hang out with her while she does whatever goofball thing it is she’s doing up there.

Cat and I haven’t been to church in a great long while. This morning, while we were taking care of some work we had to do a couple of miles from our house, we decided to take a walk before we got back in our car to drive home.

An hour into that walk, rather out of nowhere, we found ourselves across the street from an Episcopal church.

We’re Episcopalians! (I’m more interested in that, actually, than Cat is. She doesn’t really care.)

We saw on the sign outside the church that an Easter service was set to begin at 10:45 a.m. I turned on my cell phone to see what time it was.

It was 10:42.

People say the Lord works in strange and mysterious ways. That sure has never been my experience.

Peace of the Lord to you, and happy Easter. Whomever, wherever, however you are.

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  • Judy

    Happy Easter, John. I’m glad you made it to church this morning. Coincidence? I think not. 🙂 Peace.

  • Sam


    He is risen!

    The Peace of the Lord be with you also, especially after the earthquake and other earth-shaking news recently.

    Hope you are well.

    God’s love and peace.


  • Yeah, I do tend to equate "strange and mysterious" with subtle. But, I mean … you know what I mean. Like, with my conversion: there's just no way it could have been more … unsubtle. And it's not like God couldn't have brought us to that church yesterday 15 minutes before the service started, or a half-hour before. But that would, I guess, have just been too … strange and mysterious. But THREE MINUTES before it starts? That's a pretty overt message: Go to church right now, or be dead by lunch." We got, virtually, the last available two seats in the whole church. But, honestly, we're so used to stuff like that happening it barely trips us out. As are all who believe in God, I think. You just get used to it, almost, yes?

  • Greta Sheppard

    Definitely a Divine Appointment . . . in other words, God Moments!!

    Proves God Incarnate desired to be with you in His House to Celebrate His Son.

    Loved this post!

  • “…That has never been my experience.”

    Except for, you know, becoming a Christian in a supply closet, and all that. Ha!

  • That’s what I’m saying. That was the LEAST subtle/mysterious transformation EVER. It was like getting hit by a truck.

  • Oh, see, now we’re talking semantics. You didn’t say subtle before. I like when God does subtle stuff…it’s gentle and fun. At least in this context. Unlike getting hit by a truck, which at best completely upends your day.

  • Dude, really.

    If you don't start going to the churches that sometimes I wish I wasn't at, God will definitely send you to the hell that I don't believe exists.

    I had to read that sentence four times before it made sense even though I'm the one who wrote it.

  • Really? Cuz I understood it instantly.

  • Yeah but you wrote grammar books. I'm a business executive.

    Have you seen the writing/reading skills of most business executives? (Shudder)

  • Allen

    This story is such a nice corrective to "God gave us this nice parking space" stories that I sometimes hear. You're right, John — my Christian side isn't terribly surprised when I find I am being hit over the head with a message as blunt as "Easter Service in 3 minutes, wanna drop by?". Especially when it turns out to boil down to "Peace of the Lord be with you" coming from out of nowhere like that. I don't particularly think the church building is God's House (maybe because our congregation doesn't own a building?), but it's nice you could drop in on some Christians on Easter. Some practices really are better done in community — singing harmony on some kick-ass Easter hymns is an example that springs to mind… :.)

  • Funny… as usual. For some reason it started me thinking about that joke about the guy driving down a busy, crowded street praying, "God, I need a parking space NOW! I'll go to church every week! I'll give up the pub! Please, a parking space NOW!" Just then he sees back up light right in front of him and he sighs, "oh, never mind. I found one."