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We Fight

Like (I presume) every American, I today feel the weight, glory, and sheer spiritual magnitude of  Memorial Day. I’m the son of a  WWII veteran; when I was eight (and while standing at a urinal in a boy’s bathroom at my elementary school, where apparently I used to do all my big thinking), I realized [Read More…]


It’s four a.m., and I just awoke from a dream that ended with me in tears. Thought I’d share. There are times when I like — or, more truly, need — to write. Not as in “think something profound and express it with words”; but physically, with a pen or pencil on paper, to write. [Read More…]


I’m sorry, but I’ve had to temporarily unpublish this piece–the one about evangelizing. In the forthcoming week I’ll totally explain why. Much love! And, again, sorry for any inconvenience. I’ve really been enjoying the entirely excellent comments to this post. Really good stuff. [Read more…]

The One Thing I Dreaded Most About Becoming a Christian

When I very suddenly became a Christian, I was in a supply closet at my job. By the time I was coming out of that closet (har! okay, grow up) — and I mean the exact thought that very strongly came to me as I was turning the doorknob that would lead me back out [Read More…]

Chillin’ with the Penguins

Lately I’ve gotten in a few requests for a sample of what’s in my book, “Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang: Why I Do the Things I Do,” by God (as told to John Shore). Here, then, is the dedication, Table of Contents, and introduction (or what, in this book, is called the “Opening Part”) [Read More…]

We Do Know Jack. We ARE Jack.

What in the end proved most true for Jack is the same thing that in the end we all hope (and many of us trust) will prove most true for us. [Read more…]

Should Christians Care About the Old Testament?

A young Christian guy wrote to ask, “Do I really have to care all that much about the Old Testament?” My answer: If you want to care about something Jesus himself was deeply passionate about, then, yes, you need to care about the Old Testament. [Read more…]

You There, in Your Pew

Physician + patient access = example of marketer’s wet dream. Denomination + pastor + congregation = even wetter. Beware, okay? [Read more…]

The publishing saga of my book “I’m OK- You’re Not”

Here is the very quick version of the publishing saga of my book, I’m OK-You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending Nonbelievers and Why We Should Stop. 1. I have my conversion experience. 2. I get intensely interested in helping my non/anti-Christian friends understand how it is that just because I suddenly became a Christian doesn’t [Read More…]

“What’s Wrong With Dressing Sexy?”

An earnest-sounding young Christian woman wrote to ask me why she shouldn’t “dress sexy” if she feels like it. “Why not?” she wrote. “We’re not living in the time of the Puritans anymore. I should be able to dress in whatever way makes me feel good.” [Read more…]