Some of you have already seen these on my Facebook page; others of you wrote to ask if I’d in any way participated in the whole #Shakespalin phenomenon. I learned of the big Twitter fun yesterday afternoon as I was about to start making dinner, and naturally enough couldn’t resist taking a moment or two at the kitchen table to conjure up these four of my own Shakespeare-by-way-of-Palin quotes:

The miserable have no other medicine but only hopey-changey.

Whiter than a new snowmobile upon a raven’s back.

The first thing we do, let’s kill all the wolves.

Friends, Retards, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury McCain, not to praise him.

Pretty cute! Or … whatever. But if you’ve seen or written any of these that you’d like to share, please do! I’ve seen some really funny ones; “Out, damned thought!” and “Et tu, Bristol?” are certainly two of my favorites. “But soft, what light from yonder window breaks? It is the East, and I can see Russia from my front porch,” kills me.

People sure can be good with the funny.

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  • Tim

    "The lady doth progest to much, methinks."

    "My words fly out, my thoughts remain slow."

    "Beware the ides of November."

    "I go, and it is done; Art Bell invites me."

  • This was the noblest Republican of them all:

    All the conservatives, save only she,

    Did that they did in envy of great Barack;

    She, only in a general honest thought,

    And common good to all, made ev'ry one of them partiers of the tea,

    Be 'cost she could see Russia from her dwelling.

  • I prefer —

    The first we'll do, we'll kill all the linguists.

  • Would not that which we call a hockey mom, if we called it a pit bull, still have lipstick?

  • DonP

    Not that I am a friend or foe. To defend her or not is not my aim here. Not to say that I agree with or disagree with anything that she has to say. Not that I understand all of what she says. But I pity her detractors more than she. If you wish to relate her speech to those grand old words of The Bard then think on this one for a while and stand in front of the mirror as you do.

    "Through tattered clothes, small vices do appear. Robes and furred gowns hide all."

    Your words may be prettier than hers dear fellows. What lies beneath your robes?

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I'm a crotchety old man. Better that than……well I'll let you name your own old self.

  • Don: I assume (given your "If you wish to relate her speech to the Bard") that you're not aware that it was Sarah herself who compared herself to Shakespeare, who likened her own love of words and affinity for the English language to his.

    Not us. Not me. Not people who Tweet. She. It's not reasonable to expect people not to have a little fun with that. Especially since, you know. It's Sarah Palin.

  • DonP

    Like I said: "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I’m a crotchety old man." Still I accept that there is humor here. Perhaps that is worth the cost of admission. Huh?

  • DonP

    Being, that is, that there is so little humor in the world!

  • DonP

    PS Your right! I did not know that she made the comparison herself. That really is funny.

  • That's why I made sure to put a link to the newspaper story; I do think it's important to be sure and put stuff like this into context.

  • DonP

    Well, there you are; Not only am I a crotchety old man. I am also, an idiot.

  • Well, find me a man who says he's not, and I'll show you a man who doesn't know himself well enough.

  • Not necessarily an idiot.

    Having better things to do with your time than follow what Gov. Palin is going to put more twit in Twitter isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  • Awesome.

  • Gina Powers

    Donr and Tim, can I repost your "isms" on my FB page? 😉

  • Gina Powers

    Oh, and John, yours are quite awesome, also! Can I repost the first and last ones?

  • @Gina, Am I Donr??? Could it be? Certainly. If Donr is someone else, I give you permission to post theirs, too!

  • DonP

    @wken , In addition to being a generous person; You are obviously a very wise soul. Aged beyond your experience in the sweet and distilled fragrance of wisdom.

    All hail the wken and may the Universe bless it (he says prostrating himself before the great and awesome……….. wken?)

    ?? what's a "wken" anyway??

  • Hey, it makes more sense than my previous nickname, "Wickle."

    A "wken" is a person who goes by his middle name (Ken) but sticks his first initial in front of it to distinguish himself from all of those other Kens running around.

  • Gina Powers

    You certainly ARE Donr, Mr. Whitt!! 😉

  • Ben

    From Hamlet: “What do you read, my lady?” “Oh, all of them.”

    From Othello: “Crude am I in my speech and little blessed with the smart phrase of politics.”