Introducing the One and Surely Only Daniel Songer

Today reader DR sent me to this man’s prodigious video output on YouTube. I looked at about fifteen of his tapes before deciding that this one most fully captures the full spectrum of wonderment that is “comedian entertainer” Dan “The Man” Songer.

A man.

A deck.

A video camera.

A reason for you to forget to blink for eight minutes and twenty-four seconds.

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  • Kara

    Holy shit.

  • A'isha

    Double Holy Shit!

  • erika

    holy shit to infinity!

  • DR

    Let's make him a star! As a matter of fact, John and I should start a business. I suss up the talent and John markets it via this blog with its ridonkulous (intentional spelling) number of hits. I'm like the Dick Cheney to his Dubya.

  • What an awesomely funny comment.

  • DR


    I can't keep doing all the heavy imagineering for you on this site, OK? This guy hasn't properly copyrighted anything. All you need to do is film yourself singing,

    "One site, is all you need! Gettin' those hips, movin to my groove! Hey, one look – one man – that's who I am! So if you want to tour my world… is where you'll find me."

    Move hips, etc. You know, the moves that Cat and I showed you at the reception. And instant marketing sensation.

    Feel free to take full credit for this idea, all I need is your thanks.

    You're welcome.

  • mimic

    And he wonders why he's single.

  • berkshire

    I just . . . it's . . . .I can't even . . . you know what I mean? It's like . . . . because he's so. . . . I mean, does he *really* . . . . I, I just, I . . . . I . . . . oh God. . . . it's too much to. . . . I mean, just out there like that . . . and. . . comedy? OK, sure . . . . if you say. . . . um . . . . head rush.

    Yeah. Ok.

    Gonna go. . . . do something now.

    Thanks so much, John.

    Um. . . really.


  • ….but as a man, I'm offended by her preoccupation with the man's 'nice deck'…

  • They hate us for our freedom, because *this* is what we do with it.

  • Amy

    What an awesomely nice reply.

  • If you last 6 minutes, he starts explaining that he hasn't got a girlfriend. How is that possible?

    Now I have to go back and look at my pathetic 30 video posts with a jaundiced eye. Because I believe watching that video has given me jaundice in my eye.


  • Yeah, that about sums it up.

  • If ever in the coming years of my life I should but for a moment doubt my woman loving woman ways, I will reflect upon what I have witnessed here today, and there upon fall upon my knees and with tears in my eyes look upward and declare to the heavens, "Thank You Thank You Thank You!"

  • Robert Meek

    This man has 148 of these on his You Tube Channel: !!!

    They have titles like #147 “Men Jerk Off,” #144 “Hit The G Spot,” #143 “Girls Love Public Sex,” #141 “Sexual Appetite,” and other things.

    He lists himself as 50 years old, and joined February 17, 2007. He has 373 subscribers, 49 friends, and 67 channel comments.

    (NOT ME!)

    One can only ask: HOW does he DARE to GO OUT IN PUBLIC anymore, and I am quite serious about that, too!

  • DR

    Oh God.

  • Amy

    Why would you do this to me?

    I think his hip flailing has rendered me sterile. And when the shorts leg came up my uterus just up and fell out.

    Nice deck, though.

  • Tim

    Oh crapatola! I just noticed I have a pair of shorts just like his. Must burn them IMMEDIATELY!

  • berkshire

    I just had a terrifying–I mean TERRIFYING thought–Palin/Songer 2012.

    DR suggested something about making him a star, and that could be fun except, you know, this is America, and weird shit happens when people get famous.

    Just sayin’.

  • If William Hung can be a star…..


    (damn you, Andy Warhol!)

  • Melissa

    I kept hoping he’d flip over the deck railing…

  • At first it made me think about the uneven distribution of wealth in this world. I suppose it’s just another sign of the apocalypse. Just another lazy Christian?

  • Kara


  • I was just now watching this:

  • berkshire

    You know, what I want to watch is a video of you, John Shore, watching this.

    Kinky, I know. But I just think t would be priceless.

    Do you remember that old comedy routine by Robert Klein (yeah, I'm so dating myself) where he's wearing a bandana and playing a harmonica while singing his improvised blues tune that goes "I can't stop my leg!"

    This just made me remember that.


  • Don_C

    Yeah, but "I Can't Stop My Leg" was…well…funny. 😉

  • berkshire

    Glad someone else remembers it! And yes, it was funny.

    With this guy, it doesn't seem funny–it seems like he really can't stop his leg . . . . or his hips . . . . or the videotape.

  • Cat

    This has GOT to be the funniest thing I've read in forever! Thanks Amy!

    (shaking head) "uterus jumped up and fell out"

  • Oh, he's singing OUR song. Swoooon.

  • I originally titled this post, "Worst. Neighbor. Ever." Because he's so bellowingly LOUD (and he seems to make one of these tapes a day). But I was afraid it wouldn't have been clear that's what I meant. But can you imagine? You're in your house, reading or whatever, and all of a sudden you hear booming through the air, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! INTRODUCING COMEDIAN ENTERTAINER…"

  • Kesha

    I'm a long-time reader… But this is the first thing that has made me comment. Wow. I just hope whoever he ends up with appreciates him for who he is!

  • Chellee

    OH MY GOOD GOOGELY OOKS!!! HOLY SH**! Um…… yeah……

    Well….THE FUNNIEST PART of the WHOLE THING was John's comment about him being "bellowingly loud"!! Thanks John. I think I just woke up my neighbors.

    And I don't mind saying that He. Is. Sexy. He got da MOVES! Whooo-ey-boy!!!! How will I EVER in my lil-ole-life find my man attractive again??!?!?!

    SCARRED FOR LIFE!!! (and I think you know what I mean by that! lmbuttonOFF)

  • Chellee

    It would be a mercy if that deck broke! Just sayin……