Welcome to the Commenty Goodness!!

It’s done!

Check out the all-new, all-good commenty wonderfulness!

Intense Debate is now in the house.

Johnny feel good.

It’s been driving me crazy how under served the people who comment here have been. Being able to buff out the comments section is a huge reason I moved to a self-hosted blog.

And it worked! Here we have it!

Oh, buy yayeth.

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  • Ace

    All this change is upsetting my delicate constitution, you know. 😉

  • http://secretbroadcastcave.wordpress.com Don_C

    A little Pepto can take care of that. :)

  • John Shore


  • John Shore

    About 50% of the "old" comments have thus far synced into Intense Debate, the program that'll be doing my comments (which I'm seeing here for the first time. I like it!)

  • http://mine4thetaking.blogspot.com/ FreeFox

    Omnia mutantur, nihil interit?

  • Ace

    I noticed clicking on the bully post, the original comments pop up for a fraction of a second, then disappear as the post-changeover comments are loaded.

    So they are there, somehow, but they get disappearedified or something.

    Maybe a javascript issue?


  • http://mine4thetaking.blogspot.com/ FreeFox

    It seems to me that there still is something winky with the comments. I tried to comment on your Alpha Boy blog, and the first attempt is now stuck on “awaiting moderation”, while a second, independent comment seems to just get swallowed… (If I sent it now three times by re-trying, please feel free to delete all but the latest version…)

    Well, I *hope* it’s some wonkiness and I haven’t for some reason gotten some ban on your site… ^_^’

  • Mindy

    Of course you've been banned, FreeFox. You're a naughty boy, don'tcha know?!

  • Kara

    Testing, one, two, three…

  • http://johnshore.com John Shore

    It's on, baby!

  • Susan


    Fyi: "Recent Comments" aren't linking to the comments.

  • John Shore

    I don't know what you're saying/meaning. AND I'm pretty sure I don't want to … !

  • John Shore

    Oh, I gotcha: You mean over on the sidebar, in the box that says "Latest Comments." Good call! I'll go deal with that. Thanks for noticing that.

  • Susan



    Awesome job!

  • Mary

    The change is freaking me out. LOL

  • William Ely

    Wow, love the new setup! Big improvement!

  • blueberrypancakesfordinner


  • Beth Luwandi

    But what does it all mean? That's what I want to know…

  • myfanwe

    I hope all this dust will settle soon. *cough* it's not good for my asthma. LOL

  • rm8471

    Wissen Sie, ich bin total verwirrt jetzt.

  • rm8471

    You do realize that I am totally confused now.

  • BlackEyed_Susan


    At one point, and perhaps it was directed at only one person due to her particular mel-ness, you requested abastaining from addressing questions directly to you via this blog. I have a couple of questions that may have to do with homosexuality and one that is a general one about Christianity. Better to email, or go for it here?


  • John Shore

    Either is fine. As you noted, I was only requesting that one particular person to choose between addressing me personally and being blocked off the site. But that was a very particular case. Feel free to ask me anything either on the blog or to me personally via email.

  • Ace

    John – is there some way to increase the character limit of comments? We're a verbose bunch here and it seems to cut you off pretty soon.

    Also, on older posts, it seems to have stripped out some of the nested replies and longer comments, which seems a shame to me to destroy the old threads.

  • John Shore

    Lemme look into both; both are … bad. Sorry about that.