Are You an Artistic Genius? Take This Test to Find Out!

The most important reason to become an artist is:

a. to have fun

b. to become immortal

c. to express your innermost thoughts and feelings

d. to discover your innermost thoughts and feelings

e. because it’s a way to participate in the most fundamental imperative of God himself

f. beats having a real job!

f. all of the above

To an artist, anger is:

a. a reason to get up in the morning and start working

b. indispensable, insofar as work uninformed by anger is much more likely to be pabulum than in any significant way compelling

c. limiting at first, and then crippling

d. a force that must finally be subsumed by love

e. all of the above.

The most important personality characteristic an artist can possess is:

a. unadulterated arrogance

b. an almost crippling sense of humility

c. tireless intellectual curiosity

d. a distinct predilection for spontaneity

e. empathy for others

f. all of the above

The most productive response at artist can have to his or her critics is to:

a. listen to and learn from each and every one of them

b. ignore and/or dismiss each and every one of them

c. take to heart what the favorable ones say; dismiss the truly critical ones

d. take to heart what the truly critical ones say; dismiss the favorable ones

e. pretend to listen to and care about them; secretly pity their inferiority

f. All of the above

Being successful as an artist means giving up:

a. love

b. your ideals

c. ever belonging to any group at all

d. your ego

e. your social skills

f. all hope of being rich

g. all  of the above

Your chance of succeeding as an artist is in direct proportion to your willingness to:

a. follow market trends

b. obey those with influence in your field

c. surrender your life to your art

d. spend decades toiling away in obscurity while you learn your craft

e. fail

f. all of the above

You will know that you have become a successful artist when:

a. you are featured or referenced in regional media

b. you are featured or referenced in national media

c. powerful and influential people in the field of your discipline support and/or align themselves with you

d. your ideas and/or style are constantly stolen

e. your family members are awed by you

f. your art sells for a ton of money

g. the whole idea of whether or not you’re “successful” bores you

Scoring: Pffft. Scoring. Who cares?


to know me is to like me.

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  • Personally I paint to make something that I think looks good. Couldn’t care less what other people think of it as long as i like it

  • Pretty funny. Charles, my husband, is an artist. I’m the one with the “real” job. LOL!/photo.php?fbid=101565236540311&set=a.101416116555223.3197.100000605063690

  • Susan G.

    We owned an artists’ materials store for 39 years. My husband, who earned his degree in art while working at the art store, had the most wonderful view of who an artist is – according to Steve, an artist is everyone and anyone who creates anything. He pointed out a fire plug when he was explaining this to me and said, “That was somebody’s art!” I loved that all-encompassing view!

  • MotherTrucker

    I only had a real job (in a factory) to use as a place to sell my wares. Those were the days. That was a few years ago. Now I have had to come out of early retirement to support my young family. I have put most of my art aside, but not my creativity. It is hard to materialize an idea in an eighteen wheeler going 70 down the highway. I believe you know when you are real artist is when you teach others your very best ideas. You know the ones that will be stoled eventually.

  • All of the above on everything? Honestly, a lot of the answers are “dependant upon my mood at the time.” The pride/humility one, for example. Sometimes, I have an ego the size of the contigious United States, sometimes I feel a crippling sense of unworthiness.

    Too bad “being insane” is not a listed option. Every creative person I’ve ever known, including myself isn’t exactly… normal. At least I don’t suffer from insanity – I enjoy every minute of it.

  • Anonymous

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some see it, others comprehend it not. Genius, sort of like grace, is a gift bestowed from above, not achieved by works that anyone can boast. Unlike grace, however, genius is not extended to everyone. Creativity and pride are inexorably tied. The trick to keeping proper perspective, is weather pride is in the creation, or in the One without whom, nothing is made.

    In my estimation, artistic genius is an innate knack for imitation. Imitation can either be the sincerest form of flattery, or the greatest form of insult. Forgive me for maybe over spiritualizing, but genius can glorify the Creator…or the imitator. More often, genius seeks the ignoble praise of men, and denies the One without whom, nothing is made.

  • This is super funny. I like it.

  • This is super funny. I like it.

  • Tiggrlubbers

    That’s along the line I was thinking! I was hoping someone would define who or what an “artist” is!

  • since we’re created in the Creator’s image, I think we’re all artists – most of us just suppress it

    gotta say it would be fun to earn a living from my art…