How to Instantly and Dramatically Increase the Resale Value of Your Car

Thanks to Erin Carpentier Dammen (whose Facebook page is here) for ruining her car on my behalf. And for starting my day in a wonderful way.

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  • Susan G.

    That is TOO cool by a half! Now I want to park next to her with a sticker on my car that reads, “What she said.” (Erin: I’m NOT stalking you – promise!)

  • Haha, that is just too awesome.

  • Anonymous

    And then I’ll park next to your car with a bumper sticker that says, “What she said she said.” What fun we’ll have until we all get arrested. (And Erin: Susan G. is stalking you. She just sent me a picture of your living room window. Thank God you apparently rarely wash them. But you might want to casually wander out into your front yard, and suddenly turn your garden hose on the bushes beneath that window.)

  • Anonymous

    Mwahaha! My living room faces the back yard, not the front yard. I wonder whose house poor Susan is stalking when the wind chill is 13 degrees today? 😉

  • Anonymous

    Poor Susan. She brought the binoculars; she brought the pen and notepad; she brought the quiet sneakers. But she forgot the map.

  • Mimicross22

    You people are all craaaaaazy! I feel right at home here.

  • ms.glove

    Love it! I live in Wisconsin, too, Erin and it is freezing out there! Where can I get one? We need it on a neon background. I could put one on every car during the next Packer game…on their windshields, of course:). That would get the conversation started!

  • No! Don’t put the sticker on the paint!

    If you must put stickers on your car, put it on the window. Your paint job will thank you for it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I just ordered a blank organic tee from the place I’m going to have silkscreen this on them (!). I’ll go down there, check the quality of the shirt, show ’em the graphic, and … whango. Available in sizes … hm … I wonder what sizes? People keep telling me nobody orders smalls: that everyone wants large and Xtra large. So. We’ll see. But I’m gonna order up … I dunno … about 50 of em.

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna have to belt or sash it if you go with those sizes. I’m a small for sure, and I know lots of people who wear smalls! If he can make one in a small, I’ll buy it.

  • Hmmm. I have A 1998 dodge intrepid with 154k miles and a bad smoking habit. No one wants it. I wonder if I put that sticker on it I”ll get a serious offer.

  • Suz

    I want one! Seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Cool. Some smalls it is.

  • Anonymous

    Cool. Thanks. I’ll be having them made after Thanksgiving. Probably take about 2 weeks, at most. Lovely. Fun! Thanks, you guys.

  • Diana A.

    I have a special request. I’d love the t-shirt but I hate crew necks because I feel like I’m being choked. If you can make available a v-neck option, I’ll buy. If this is impractical/too expensive, I understand. Thanks!

  • Anonymous
  • Katgelinas

    If they were a magnet bumper sticker! Really anything that says that I tell all my friends about your blog, and we read it hear at work and it always gets a big laugh or has us think about what we would do. And these are people who don’t go to church and they love it! Also, a side note my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said your books. The only place we can get them is your website right?

  • Mindy

    John, you are a marketer extraordinaire. AND the wisest man I know.

  • Susan_H

    Nice, me likey! Can’t wait to buy one. Thanks John!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this wonderful comment, Kat. Happy Thanksgiving! (And, yes, the only way to buy my two books is from me. Actually, I think you can also buy them through second-hand dealers selling through Amazon. You can save money that way. If you buy them from me, I autograph and inscribe them to whomever you might want—and the money goes to me. But, honestly, whatever works best for you. Right now you can see how to buy my books from me via my exceptionally lame “Donate Now” button in the right-hand column of my blog. Early next week I’ll have ready-to-go a more … normal kind of PayPal/credit card/shopping cart thing happening. Again: either way. Thanks for asking—and, again, for the very kind words.)

  • I just a few enlightened “window clings” from Stamp and They offer car magnets, bumper stickers and window clings. I get the window clings cause then no one can try to “edit” or “delete” my opinions and my car gets less trashed. So ya, window cling or magnet… I am in!