Meet Paul Lynde, the Original Roger from “American Dad”

Young people: If you like the deliciously acerbic, perfectly-pitched character Roger from TV’s  “American Dad,” you should know about Paul Lynde, the comic actor upon whom Roger is based. The video below (in which Judd Apatow appears) is a serviceable introduction to the brilliantly funny Lynde.

Note too where Lynde stands in the history of gay characters portrayed on TV. It would have been so easy for a man of his talents to pretend to be someone he wasn’t. But Lynde chose a different tack, indeed, and for that is rightly considered a pioneer, if not a hero.

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  • Barnmaven

    My favorite Paul Lynde role? His voiceover of Templeton the Rat in the original Charlotte’s Web movie. I’ve always loved him.

  • Don Whitt

    He was so damn quick. There will never be a better center square.

  • Anonymous

    He was phenom on Hollywood Squares, but I loved him as Uncle Arthur on Bewitched!

  • Robert Meek

    Exactly! I agree a zillion percent. Fantabulous in Hollywood Squares (they wouldn’t have been what they are without him) and in Bewitched, as well.

    I always loved it when he went after Endora and she went after him, too!

  • allegro63

    He was a wonderful comic. I loved him in Bewitched and when he appeared on Matchgame or Hollywood Squares. The man was quick with the snappy comeback.

  • allegro63

    well shoot. disqus must be taking a nap, and won’t let me edit. Mr. Lynde didn’t appear on Matchgame. Why did I think that?

  • Ric

    My favorite / best memories of Paul Lynde!

  • Scott

    I dearly loved Paul Lynde when I was growing up. He’s still one of my very favorite comedians…

  • Meg

    Paul Lynde was a great comedic talent. I loved him as Uncle Arthur in Bewitched and also liked his voice over performance as Templeton.

  • Teri Cross Chetwood

    My favorite Paul Lynde line on the Hollywood Squares:

    PETER: Paul, Roy Rogers has something stuffed and mounted in his den. What is it?

    PAUL: Oh, no. Not Miss Dale!

    That one always makes me laugh.