Environmentalism: The Devil’s Work!

Environmentalism: The Devil’s Work! December 29, 2010

Thank God for the Christian Right, and the fiery fortitude that fuels its furious ferreting out of the ever-wily ways of the enemy.

Guess who God’s new avowed enemy is?

No, not the gays. Pfft. C’mon. The gay issue is so 2010.

Now our heroes in the crusading vanguard of the Christian right have in the focus of their eagle eye the soul-destroying cult of environmentalism.

Recycling is for the damned, brothers and sisters! Fuel-efficient cars are the devil’s work! The only alternative energy that environmentalists will ever know are the fires of hell!

Oh, you question this? Really? So the devil already has you grasped in his slimy green talons, has he? Well, it’s not too late! If you are so shamefully unfamiliar with God’s will that you doubt environmentalism is “one of the greatest threats to society and the church today,” then go right now to the website Resisting the Green Dragon. There you will find the fruits of the labors of “some of the top Christian leaders and scholars in America,” who have selflessly given of themselves, so that you might be able to purchase from them, for the special, 10%-off, pre-order price of only $71.90, the 12-part DVD series, Resisting the Green Dragon, “A Biblical Response to One of the Greatest Deceptions of Our Day.”

Yes, you have to poke around the site quite a while to discover that it’s really only four DVD’s. But it’s twelve half-hour lessons that you can use in your church’s Sunday school classes, adult-education classes, Bible classes, and small group meetings. And it comes with a 30-minute “bonus documentary”! And a book that’s sure to contain a great many complete sentences. If that whole eye-opening package isn’t worth $$71.90 plus shipping and handling, then I’m a monkey’s uncle.

The video below will show you what Resisting the Green Dragon is all about. (Take particular note, during the video’s heart-poundingly frightful opening, of the image of the Soviet sickle and hammer, fleetingly shown at the end of the intoning voice-over’s “… environmentalism is striving to put America, and the world, under its destructive control.” Hit the pause button at 0:09, and the truth will be revealed to you: that’s no hammer inside that sickle! It’s the propeller of a wind-powered electrical generator! Why, if that’s not further proof that Obama is a socialist, I don’t know what is.)

Remember, friends: If you don’t think environmentalists are in a Satanic cult seeking to undermine everything that good Americans hold dear, then you’re just not thinking at all.

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  • Marie

    You have GOT to be kidding!! Omg, I was laughing at the “green dragon” dvd reference… I thought it was a joke!!! Oh, I’m sorry, but it’s time for foots in asses. I’m gonna start using a lot of bowling language in a minute, so I’ll hurry on outta here.
    Thanks for this and thanks even more for CRACKING ME UP!!
    Hahahahaaa!!! “Recycling is for the damned…!!!” AWESOME!!! Thanks, Shore! (And thanks for keeping the Good Fight, well, GOOD.) Namaste.

  • Holy crap! I’ve unwittingly joined a Satanic cult…oh well…

  • What inspires this lunacy? The Christian Right sure can be a delusional and hateful bunch.

  • Zenbee132002

    The really, really sad part of this is that thousands of good people are believing this “Rovian” misdirection, because their Pastor told them it was true.

  • cc

    I had no idea that, say, bringing my own bags to the grocery store was a deadly attack on the world’s poorest citizens and on the Gospel (and that’s the just beginning, apparently). The bizarre train of thought displayed in this clip does, however, explain some unusual comments I’ve heard from fellow Christians in regards to the stewardship of our beautiful planet. Thanks (?) for sharing this unsettling link.

  • Curt Russell

    Oh crap! I’m going to Hell in a solar powered hand cart. Look out!

  • Mrs-b

    Where’s the balance? We are to take care of earth and our fellow man, and worship God only.

  • Ric

    Some religious right groups are their own self-parodying skit. I am convinced the snl writers get their best ideas from watching stuff like this.

    OMG, I just now realized this blog is GREEN!! How subliminally evilish is THAT?

  • So… they accuse environmentalists of scare-mongering, lying/twisting facts to promote their own agenda, and using said agenda to oppress certain classes of society. Hmm… funny how those exact accusations can also be leveled at far-right “Christian” fundamentalists…

  • Denise

    Drive a Hummer for Jesus!

  • for fuck sake, really? REALLY? this pisses me off. OMFG! the audacity, to say that the environmentalist are killing the poor people? REALLY?
    the stupid, the utter hate and lies. they burn.

  • peet

    This simply reconfirms my suspicion that the American Christian Church has been reduced to a political party that ever so loosely uses the Bible as its policy guide. Is our children learning? Not if they take things like this seriously.

  • Marie

    Hahahhaaaaaa!! DENISE!!! “Drive a Hummer for Jesus!” Waaahahaa, I am laughing so hard!!! Thank you!

  • Though I would rather not much into the theological aspects of environmentalism, I often wonder why conservative Christians view the whole concept of environmentalism with such disdain.

    Consider the human population: During the time of the so-called “Founding Fathers” our population was at about 1 billion. By 1959 (the year that I was born), the population had increased to 3 billion. Today the population is at 7 billion. Chalk it up to the Industrial Revolution, I suppose … but it seems like it would give ANYONE pause that the human population of Earth would more than double in less than 50 years! And if I live to a ripe old age, the population is projected to be closing in on NINE BILLION.

    Of course, in the best of all possible worlds these are people that will have to be clothed, fed, housed, educated, transported, employed, and have all their medical and sanitary needs met. You think deforestation, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions are bad NOW, imagine what things are going to be like in 30 or 40 years! And yet the impression I get from the Christian Right is, “Hey, NOTHING to worry about, human beings couldn’t POSSIBLY ruin the planet, GOD is in control of everything!” … and presumably GOD will come down and turn down the global thermostat if things start spiralling out of control. And of course GOD is probably deep underground manufacturing limitless supplies of new fossil fuels, so that everyone can have as much energy as they need, FOREVER!

    Best editorial cartoon I’ve seen about global warming:

  • Kim

    I’m stunned. I shouldn’t be, but I am. Bollocks!

  • Excellent thoughts, PolishBear. I think the Christian Right’s insistence that all concern for the environment should be avoided is because evangelicals are Hell-bent on bringing about The Rapture. They WANT things to hit critical mass so Jesus can bring them all home.

  • Misserin55


  • Katgelinas

    We should all know that enviromentalism is EVIL! I mean take the “N” between the E and the V and take “ROMENTA” out between the I an the L and drop the “ISM” and you have that very word! Imean who cares about “Mother Nature” And by Mother Nature I mean Satan! Everyone knows that Satan is really a woman. Pop culture movies show us that! I going to buy this DVD along with W0 million other copies and if I can’t give them to my Friends then I will just throw them away! Because the bigger the Carbon Footprint the more you love God! I mean it’s in the bible next to Hate everyone except people who think just like you!

  • Anonymous

    I do think we have to be careful about too quickly categorizing the kinds of dufusi who produced “The Green Dragon” with all or even most Christian conservatives. There’s a huge strain of pretty hardcore evangelicals who take very seriously the idea that environmentalism and Biblical ideals are inseparable. That whole group is as radical as any devil-worshipping, America-undermining hippie pinko tree hugger.

  • OMG…so funny.

    I think my favorite is the idea that these Christians are going to talk about “bad science” as if they are suddenly the fearless protectors of “good science.”

  • SadiesDadCLT

    Nicole – Odd that you should mention that evangelicals have Rapture fantasies. I read an article a couple years ago on Middle East peace. The premise of the article was that the Christian Right is promoting a pro-end times agenda with respect to Middle East relations, and that the goal is to actually bring about Armageddon. In an odd way, this seems to be another twist to that goal. To Polish Bear’s point, world population is doubling at rates faster than resources can sustain. Add climate change to the equation, and is it any doubt that wars will be waged to insure water, food and resources for burgeoning populations?

  • Stephanie

    I am not sure what is more amusing… John’s wonderful use of the English language to describe the idiocy of conservatives against environmentalists… the conservatives themselves spouting such nonsense with a straight face or the comments found here. All in all an enjoyable time spent here. I especially love the comment the comments “Driving a Hummer for Jesus” and “Going to Hell in a solar powered hand cart”. Thank you all for the smiles today. I however am refusing to put out my recycling just in case.

  • Wow, John!

    When I asked for your take on this I never expected a fresh, new perspective! Since you’re a practiced writer and this IS during the holidays, I half expected you to merely ‘recycle’ something from the past.

    But…holy biodegradables, John – you launched right into this with every bit of the glee we love you for!
    Thank you for shining a solar powered light on some more disingenuous cockroaches…

  • Suz

    First thought: Holy crap!!!
    Second thought: Yes. Yes it is.

  • sad. i think irrational extremism is bad in any case. it is true that there have been errors, fear tactics, and opinion-based proclamations in both science and Christianity (churchianity?).

    aside #1
    while i find the ridiculous fear-mongering of this Green Dragon video very sad, i don’t think anyone should in reaction jump on the extreme environmentalist bandwagon because of moronic Christian extremists.

    aside #2
    bringing your own bags while shopping or driving environment-friendlier cars doesn’t make you an environmentalist. it just makes you someone who’d like to try to take care of their community/planet (or is at least pretending to). going to church or talking about christianity doesn’t make you a Jesus follower; it just means you like to gather with others in a spiritual environment and/or like to discuss the comings and goings of religious folks. 🙂

  • I stand in a garage for an hour every week – therefore, I am a car!

  • Well…at least they qualified it with “radical” environmentalists.

    It makes me even angrier that they think it’s okay for the religious right to ride the corporate bandwagon that effectually ignores the poor and needy, but they condemn the radical environmentalists who put the material world first…effectually doing the same.

    Environmentalists get in the way of corporate America raping the earth at will. SOOooooooo…that MUST be satanic!

  • Anonymous

    Who is a liar and the father of them? There is little more effective in confirming my apprehension of The Evil One than the politicoreligious right. Good post Mr. Shore; you must be refreshed and rested. Keep shining that Light!

  • PB,

    I’m thinking that the rapture mentality may be behind this. They are so heavenly minded that they are of no earthly good. They think, “Things are *supposed* to get worse and worse so that Jesus comes back to rescue us. No use in bailing water from a sinking ship.”

  • When I read the part about how much the DVD’s cost, I got skeptical and had to go look for myself.

    Oh and out of curiosity, I looked up the author of the book. He teaches at a tiny presbyterian college in the huge metropolis of Clinton, SC, population, about 8000. I also find it interesting that a physics professor who focuses on space physics would want to author such a book, and why he would buy into the ideas that these people espouse.

    I also don’t have a clue why being good stewards of the planet we find ourselves on is such a satanic idea. I guess those little curly q light bulbs in all my fixtures is a sign that I am a devil worshiper, and my lower then average electric bill, makes me a true daughter of Satan. The recyclables in my shed? Well I’m a priestess

  • When I read the part about how much the DVD’s cost, I got skeptical and had to go look for myself.

    Oh and out of curiosity, I looked up the author of the book. He teaches at a tiny presbyterian college in the huge metropolis of Clinton, SC, population, about 8000. I also find it interesting that a physics professor who focuses on space physics would want to author such a book, and why he would buy into the ideas that these people espouse.

    I also don’t have a clue why being good stewards of the planet we find ourselves on is such a satanic idea. I guess those little curly q light bulbs in all my fixtures is a sign that I am a devil worshiper, and my lower then average electric bill, makes me a true daughter of Satan. The recyclables in my shed? Well I’m a priestess

  • Diana A.

    Silly people. Don’t they realize that God can’t be manipulated like that? Apparently not.

  • Diana A.

    Silly people. Don’t they realize that God can’t be manipulated like that? Apparently not.

  • Diana A.

    True. My ex-boss was both a fundementalist Christian and highly pro-environment. An interesting blend.

  • Diana A.

    True. My ex-boss was both a fundementalist Christian and highly pro-environment. An interesting blend.

  • Clutz

    I think I’ve referred to this blog here before, but again, it makes sense to me. Fr. Andrew S. Damick calls evangelicals to task a bit. There’s a fundamental flaw in any utilitarian view of the Earth; instead, “…creation’s true purpose is to convey divine sanctification, to manifest the divine energies of God. And man’s proper relation to creation is as its priest.”


    That being said, Penn and Teller’s B.S. has done nice work in pointing out the fear-mongering and political-hijacking of the issue from the “other” side. Recycling, in some cases, does cost more energy than it’s worth. Genetic modification of plant crops, in Norman Borlaug’s work, has saved millions from starvation. And if you hand out a petition to ban “dihydrogen monoxide” due its hazardous chemical nature, plenty of well-meaning folks at the benefit concert will eagerly sign their names. 🙂

  • In some case recycling may still cost more, money wise, but when you think about the amount of plastic that is out there, being unused, each piece representing what used to be oil, the long term benefits may well outweigh the initial cost. When we consider how much garbage is sent to third world nations, left to pile up, creating a toxic environment for the residents there, then I have to wonder if the “higher cost” is such a bad thing after all.

    Then you find this. I discovered this little invention in a search for a topic for a site I contribute to. Linking a copy of the article. http://allegro63.wordpress.com/2010/12/27/turning-plastic-back-to-its-original-form/
    It’s innovations like that that just may make a difference.

  • Diana A.

    There’s too much truth to this cartoon.

  • Info

    I can’t wait for snl to pick this one up!!! I thought it was a spoof already. But just imagine Tina back as Sarah adding her wisdom to this bunch!!! I think they just mislabeled this post and meant to put it in the Christian humor section. Love the bumper sticker idea! Drive a hummer for Jesus. Or maybe wwjd actually means what would Jesus drive? I’m pretty sure it’s not a hybrid. Hehehe

  • CAPTAIN PLANET! He’s our hero! Gonna take pollution down to zero!

    Sorry, grew up on that cartoon and sometimes still look up episodes of it on YouTube because I enjoy cheese-covered nostalgia.

    I don’t see how caring about nature and being concerned with the fate of the planet makes Jesus cry. I’d think God would want us to care about his creation and stuff, but that’s just me.

    I like the font they use on the names, though. A bit fanciful, not for practical, everyday use, but it’s neat looking. I cannot place it off-hand, wonder what the name of it is.

  • It *does* remind me of something Stephen Colbert would do on his show.

  • Gee, don’t they think suicide’s a sin? Maybe not so much of it’s brought about roundabout like the Rapture. *Shrug.*

    Yeah, I used to read the Left Behind series…

  • Anonymous

    Hi, guys! Sorry I haven’t been responding to these AWESOME comments today; in truth, I’m a little down today, and so kind of sort of tend to … disengage when I’m feeling like this. But TERRIFIC comments. Funny, smart, insightful, articulate … I love them. Can you believe how STUPID this whole thing is? But it’s cool. No one seems to really be paying these clowns any attention; I don’t think they’re selling these things at all. Most people aren’t THAT stupid. It was a hard piece to write, insofar as it took me awhile to figure out how to play it. I didn’t want to just start wading into it: it’s too much to just start picking apart; I wouldn’t know where to start with inanity of this order. I wasn’t going to do the piece at all—but I do think it’s important to not let stuff like that just sit out there, without knocking it around a little. And I have this kind of abiding idea that the very best way to deal with harmful, arrogant stupidity is to laugh at it. So … that’s the road I took, and then it just flowed out. Anyway. Too much information. Thank you guys, so much, for taking the time to leave these wonderful comments.

  • Ashley Prince

    This is indeed very sad. How ignorant can these people be? Last time I checked, we helping the environment helps the people in the long run. The longer we keep our world beautiful and clean, the more people we can sustain AND there will be more natural ways to live off the earth.

  • Jem64

    First thought: These guys don’t speak for the masses of fundementalists. They kind of remind me of the people who railed against all kinds of popular toys as being satanic in the 80s and 90s. Or the people who insist that their are satanic messaged backmasked in popular muisc. Their ilk come and go.

    Second thought: This is so stupid it’s tragic.

    Third thought: Is this really some kind of Colbert satire?

  • ((hugs)) sorry you are feeling down.

  • hay john…check this out. it made me smile.


  • hay john…check this out. it made me smile.


  • You may be right about the fact that the DVD set isn’t selling all that well. When you do an Amazon search about Christianity and the environment, it didn’t even register. You have to be more specific.

    Hope you have a much better day today.

  • Chris McKesson

    “…but I do think it’s important to not let stuff like that just sit out there, without knocking it around a little.”

    And thanks for doing so John.

    Chris McKesson

  • Raping the earth at will – my family is againist taking care of the earth because Genesis says we’re supposed to have dominion over it. Dominion = raping at will. Also, Liberals are unsaved dirty hippies who like recycling and hate the free market that Jesus invented and is burdened by rules and regulations meant to protect people and the environment and so recycling is santanic. Or something.

  • Yep, my family lives everyday pouring over the morning newspaper for articles to compare to events in Revelation to convince themselves Jesus will be back by lunchtime. Critical mass? Bring it on!

  • bitchofawitch

    Christians will be the death of this planet….

  • In today’s news there is an interesting article about steps the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to take to stop (and hopefully reverse) the degradation of the Chesapeake Bay:

    The plan is “the largest water pollution strategy plan in the nation,” said Shawn M. Garvin, the agency’s regional administrator for the mid-Atlantic region. It is intended to fundamentally change the tenor of the long-failed Chesapeake cleanup. The EPA once preached cooperation with state efforts it was supposed to oversee. Now, it is playing cop, promising legal punishments if the states don’t live up to their pledges to cut pollution.

    The District and six states – Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York – submitted proposals this fall that would cut pollution runoff into the bay over the next 15 years. The final plan issued by the EPA, using its authority under the Clean Water Act, strengthens the antipollution measures of some of the states.

    Predictably, critics of the plan say it would be costly and hard to execute. So if the Chesapeake Bay ultimately turns into one big ecological dead zone, WHO CARES?

    I grew up in the Washington DC area. When I was a kid, my family routinely took trips across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Eastern Maryland and the Delmarva Penninsula. There was a time when oysters beds in the bay were so plentiful that local roads would be surfaced with crushed oyster shells; and tasty Maryland blue craps would be sold, steamed and ready to eat, at hundreds of roadside stands throughout the region, and they’d be CHEAP!

    Those days are long gone.

    In a way, I think of the environmental health of the Chesapeake Bay as a kind of microcosm of the health of the overall planet. We’re seeing the effects in the bay a lot more quickly, that’s all.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa. That’s a crazy thing to say.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, Polish. That’s a really sobering story. How … completely trenchant. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Anonymous

    So … was I just way too subtle about the fact that I was being sarcastic here? Cuz check it out:


  • The more I think about it, the more I feel that Christians should be at the forefront of the environmental movement. Is it not Christ-like to be responsible stewards of the gifts we’ve been given. Natural or otherwise. Couldn’t great strides be made in feeding, clothing, and housing the poor through sustainable , non-destructive technologies? Mind-boggling how backwards we are sometimes.

  • Jem64

    Funny, but Ouch!

  • Mindy

    When I read/see stuff like this nonsense, I can feel my blood pressure rise and the bile collect at the back of my throat. How people like this can sleep at night is beyond me. The only way I can calm myself down is to envision the looks on their pinched little faces when they do arrive at the gates of their “heaven,” only to be denied entry and shamed for their lives of intentional deceit. Then I can breathe again, and get on with my recycling.

  • Christians SHOULD be anti-war, too!
    But almost every church I was witness to in the last decade (especially post 9/11) drank the Kool-Aid, hopped on the bandwagon, & beat that drum…and all the time I was asking myself “WWJD?”

    And that little voice inside my head (God, is that You?) kept saying “…not THIS!”

    Where is that war-hungry feeling in the New Testament, again…?

  • Anonymous

    Blue craps? If it isn’t king crab I might as well eat crap!

    It’s easy to blame big business for pollution, but stopping the pollution is everybody’s job. The only problem I have, is that I believe that all things in the cosmos has a beginning and therefore an eventual end. There is certainly a need to be good stewards of the ground we grow food from, the sea we swim in and eat from, and the air we breathe. As for global climate change, I’m still unconvinced that it’s a pattern that never before occurred until after the industrial revolution. I mean, how long have meteorologists had the wherewithal to track these patterns and ocean temperatures over the past 45 billion years?

    As with anything, balance is crucial. It’s real easy to cross the line from planet stewardship into planet worship. The notion that our world is getting better is a matter of individual perception. I believe the world will go into failure, with or without man. Do what is humanly reasonable, but I believe charging my electric car only causes a Chrysler Building spike in my electrical usage. I’m only putting my carbon footprint somewhere else. Disposal of compact fluorescents pose an environmental hazard that offsets the supposed benefit of reduced energy use. We could sit in the dark, eat mushrooms and ride our bicycle to work, but I think I’d rather properly inflate the tires on my car and not have my living room lit up (as Dennis Miller said) like a soviet bloc stairwell during a James Bond fight scene.

    If that lumps me in with the latest enemy of the progressive, tough blue crab.

  • Anonymous

    Shhhhhh! She’ll turn you into a newt!

    Earth First! We can f#€k up the other planets later.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. The lunatic fringe is not only peculiar to Christianity, but the ecophiles as well.

  • Anonymous

    What would Jesus drive? Well, He was a man of the people. He related on a folksy level. Volkwagen would be my bet. Not quite a Prius, but not a Hummer by a longshot. Besides, Jesus looked like a hippie, so why not a VW Microbus emblazoned with the words, “Jesus Saves…at the gas pump too.”

  • Anonymous

    As I said elsewhere, I have to balance planetary stewardship with the notion that nothing lives forever. I joked as well with my “Earth First! We can F#€K up the other planets later.” That’s not how I feel or believe. Intentional screwage of the planet is an offense to God. When we make mistakes, we should own up and fix it. That is simple responsibility.

    A couple years ago, I donated to a door to door member of Environment California, since I am not inclined to poop where I eat. However, I began receiving a slew of emails bashing conservatives and Christian conservatives as the main cause of global warming. The only way to save the planet was to vote for Barack Obama. Seriously?

  • Anonymous

    I have to disagree. War is sometimes inevitable. Christians should not spoil for a fight but should seek peace, if possible, with all men. However, Solomon wrote that there is a time and season for most things…including war. Certainly the pulpit should be used for promoting peace as well as exposing the hypocrisy of using war as subterfuge in stealing a neighbor’s resources. But war, in and of itself is not evil. God ordained wars in the OT.

  • Sorry about the typo. I meant CRAB.

    Yes, the disposal of compact fluorescent bulbs presents challenges, but the fact remains that there is much, MUCH we can do to conserve energy.

    The conservative response? “Energy conservation DAMPENS the economy.”

    I understand you don’t want to worry about riding a bicycle to work. And I understand that many people simply can’t. Myself, I purchased a bicycle a few years ago, I ride it to work whenever weather permits, and it’s been good for my health, the impact on the environment is ZERO, and the money I’ve saved on gasoline could purchase TWO bicycles.

    Yes, it’s nice to be able to climb up into a gigantic, comfy SUV by yourself, especially if you don’t have any problem paying for gas at over $3.00 per gallon … but how long with this be sustainable? Mass transit systems are much more energy efficient, there is simply no denying this.

    The conservative response? “Mass transit sounds too much like SOCIALISM to me.”

    Personally, I don’t hold out much hope for any major shift in the way people think about the environment. People seem far more interested in their own personal comfort and convenience.

  • I was thinking about this thread while at work today and I got to thinking about how a certain amount of “environmentalism” will catch on because some of what is called “environmentalism” is what I’d call “practicality.”

    This laptop that I’m typing this on: I’ve had it for a few years now. It’s an old model that my guy *fished out of the trash* and repaired.

    Energy efficient bulbs – save on the electric bill and put out a nice, bright light (good for an artist like me).

    We’re tooling around in an old truck that’s on it’s last legs and guzzles gas… we’re looking for a used car we can afford. I hope when we find one that it will be fuel effiecient – not because I worship trees, but because gas prices are insane and I’d like to be able to afford to drive.

    I don’t like to throw out perfectly good glass jars and tins I can reuse for stuff. When we get takeout that’s in plastic trays, those things are perfect for storing fridge leftovers of many kinds in.

    …. It’s not Earth-worship, it’s just being practical, even, I dare say, “Captialist” because it’s about saving money/maximizing use of an item while minimizing the dollar-amount cost. And poor to middling people around the world do it all the time.

    If these folks are concerned about the plight of the poor, perhaps they should look up the lives of garbage-pickers. I read an article on Huffpost not long about about a small *Christian* community in Cairo that makes its living off of refurbishing and recycling things from the city landfill. Oh, noes, they’re worshipping the Green Dragon! Nope, they’re SURVIVING the only way they know how in a society that’s consigned them to the trash-heap.

    Some “environmentalist” actions such a reducing, reusing and recycling aren’t Earth-worship, they’re money saving and money making and just plain make sense. And this is why extremists will lose – the reason I don’t buy a Hummer is not only the fact I can’t afford one, but I *can’t afford its gas.” I don’t hate America, I just like to be able to buy my weekly groceries.

    System doesn’t seem to want me to sign in right now.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mindy

    It is irritating, but intentional deceit may be a bit strong. I think these people actually believe what they say. They are simply ignorant. Like the douchemeisters that perpetuate bogus email spams without first looking at snopes.com. Stupidity is a lot easier to reconcile than some maniacal global deception to grow their 401K. And to correct a minor misconception, wicked sleeps just fine. It hasn’t a conscience to be troubled.

  • Anonymous

    Intentional deceit is exactly what this is. Some of the sheep in this movement may believe this, but I guarantee Tony Perkins does not- he only knows that it helps raise money for his culture war campaign chest.

  • Rainer

    They are concerned about others scaring little children and using bad science? Maybe it’s time they looked in the mirror!

  • Diana A.

    “However, Solomon wrote that there is a time and season for most things…including war.” Solomon, not Jesus.

    “God ordained wars in the OT.” Yes. The Old Testament. How do you know that this wasn’t another case of the people being hard-hearted and the OT prophets/other writers giving the people what they wanted? Also, not everything in the OT applies to Christians. On the contrary, as we grow in Christ, we are to become more Christlike, being willing to even die for others, rather than continue old, sinful ways.

  • Yes, siriuslee, ‘war IS sometimes inevitable’.
    But we should NEVER beat that drum lightly, never do it with the glee I witnessed post 9/11.

    But your quote is why I said ‘in the New Testament’. Jesus would never want anything like that.

    And NEVER, EVER should these drums of war be beaten in a church, like I was referring to.
    In a House of God especially, Man should never show such disrespect for the Prince of Peace.

  • DonRappe

    Ah, still bashing other Christian I see. While defending the homos and environmental wackos.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the pulpit should be a place that promotes the gospel of peace and the disciplines of seeking unity with all man, if possible. But in Luke 22:36 Jesus suggested that Peter and another disciple might be sure to have a sword (or two) between them for the future. Highwaymen and robbers were common in that region and Jesus knew that. Even when Peter lopped off the ear of the priest’s servant in the garden, Jesus commanded him to put it back in its place. If Jesus was demanding pacifism, it’s far more reasonable to expect that Jesus would ask Peter to dispose of his sword (get rid of it…throw it away). Putting it back in its place implies that Jesus gave “place” for Peter’s sword for another day.

    Something else worth considering- for someone to “live by the sword” they were taking up the sword as a means of making a living as an avenger, soldier for hire, or a robber. Any of those pursuits ran counter to a life of ministry. Obviously if you make a living as an avenger, soldier or a robber, you will most likely die in the commission of those pursuits. No?

  • Anonymous


  • Diana A.

    Yeah, I wondered about that too. Maybe he was joking or it was supposed to be a reply to someone else’s remark?

  • Diana A.

    Hmmmmmm. I almost agree with you. Almost. I can see how Jesus might have wanted the disciples to have a sword or two available for self-defense purposes.

    I think my concern is that it is all too easy for people (Christian and N9nChristian alike) to reach for their swords (guns, knives, etc.) first and ask questions later. When Christian authority figures (those in the pulpit, and other Christians who are prominent in the public eye) encourage a warlike and vengeful attitude in the name of Jesus, they’re encouraging us to go down a road that we are all too capable of traveling on our own, thank you very much. In this world where people shoot each other over parking spaces and tennis shoes, shouldn’t Christianity stand for nonviolent solutions and attitudes?

  • Anonymous

    Always liked that theory.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, siriuslee and I are the same person.

    Christians need to seriously read their Bibles and listen to what the Holy Spirit speaks to their heart instead of paying any attention to the impotent little men behind the pulpit.

    The idea of considering what Jesus would do, is far less worthy of the joking and parody made at its expense. Turn the cheek. Make the gesture of peace. Be the bigger person. But if the other person takes peaceful overtures as an invitation to attack, THEN take up your sword.

    When a pastor stirs the flock to a vengeful attitude, he wantonly SINS! May the Lord shut his garbage-filled mouth, indeed. He has basically promoted the notion that God is a liar and will not avenge His people, so it’s up to us. As to how we, as individuals, decide when it’s time to DEFEND (not avenge) is never easy. However, if it’s obvious that another group has voiced intentions to do damage to us or someone else, it’s right to take a defensive stance and be ready for attack. To go on the offensive with the mindset that we punch, shoot, stab, club, bomb first and ask questions later, betrays a heart that does not trust God. Such encouragement from the pulpit should be considered anathema and the flock should leave in droves to find a REAL pastor.

    PEOPLE will do the wrong thing more oft than not. Christianity DOES stand for nonviolent solutions, if it is possible. Those four words in Romans 12:18, allow for the defense when peace cannot possibly be attained. But I think we both could agree all possible alternatives should first be exhausted. Hebrews 12:14 says basically the same thing. “Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy.”

  • guest

    I get why they staunchly opposed LGBT rights, the teaching of evolution, the evils of islam, the evils of the left. But, seriously, enviromentalism????/
    Unless they want to live in a desolated world in 20 years, why, think of the children

  • Anon

    Just a heads up… Instead of quoting hypothetical things, or stating “what you think”. Perhaps we should look at scripture in its entirety.

    Matthew 10:34-36 (King James Version): “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household”

    Matthew 5:17

    “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

  • Diana

    To: Anon who posted on January 10, 2011 at 12:58 am–

    “Perhaps we should look at scripture in its entirety.” Are you trying to say that those two verses compose the entirety of the scriptures? Because I seem to remember there being more than three verses to the Bible. In fact, I seem to remember there being more than three verses in the book of Matthew–which is the only book from which you are quoting.

    No, methinks you’re cherry-picking, friend.

  • Very funny article – but very sad because it’s true.

    And unfortunately, many Christians will simply accept what these people say, without actually reflecting on whether a God who cares for the poor, who cares about justice and fair distribution of land, who created this world and calls it good, actually wants them to care for the environment – instead of criticising environmentalists.


  • ClaudeVZ

    Funny when a Christian says something is true we are supposed to totally believe it. Well this Christian thinks with his GOD given brain. The earth isn’t 6000 years old! men didn’t walk with dinosaurs! and the Christian right is usually WRONG. And being against the environment is GOOD if you just want to rape the earth and make as much MONEY as you can. And being for every thing the film is against means you think for your self. I have walked out of many churches when the preacher starts with his political rants on how your not a Christian if you vote for who he doesn’t like.

  • ClaudeVZ

    The bible can be quoted to back up any argument and often is. So when people start using that great book I don’t listen, again I use my great GOD given brain to think about the problem. Then I react with comman sence. It got me through War in Viet Nam, as soon as some officer started talking about “GODS ON OUR SIDE” I knew we were in for some real bad times.

  • tana

    No doubt!

  • Linda B

    I loved the comments about science and truth, and the lies that enviromentalist tell and the fear it creates. Too much…. how about the fear of being left behind that my son had as a child when I unwittingly exposed him to the evalgelical christian cult of the rapture. Of home schoolers who wouldn’t read JRR Tolkein because there werer wizards in the book, they were afraid that Satan would get them if they read it. all this and so much more finally led me out of a life of lies and fear and into the light of who I am really. A woman worthy to be loved for who she is and a person who has a brain that can and doeas think and is a scientist. No matter how well meaning these people are they are fear mongers and I think that jesus had something to say about mongers in the bibile but don’t have the verse right now. So my son who is an enviromental restoration ecology major will have plenty of job security in the future if these people get in charge of the world for they will destroy it for ther own greedy profitering and label it as job creation. So sad.

  • There’s a bit of dispute in scholarly circles about the wording of Genesis 26 (the part commonly translated as “let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth.”). What may have been intended here was not “dominion,” but “stewardship.” In other words, we are not here to control or subjugate earth, but to act as its stewards, or caretakers. Of course, when you’re in hock to the oil companies, that’s about the last thing you want to hear…

  • PaulaF

    Homos? Wackos? Judgey much?

  • I think the average self-proclaimed fundamentalist would agree with your point. They’d just change the punctuation a bit. Instead of “Why, think of the children,” I think they’d rather it read, “Why think of the children?” Unfortunately, all that concern for the unborn tends not to translate to caring much for ’em once they’re actually born.

  • I loved his talk about scaring little children to achieve a political end. hah! Talk about irony…

  • destroy_all_monsters

    Oh, but it’s NOT capitalist, not by a long shot! Your responsibility, as a good corporate Christian-American, is to consume and discard, consume and discard. Reusing, recycling, and/or hanging on to technology that is subject to mandatory obsolescence laws is grounds for charges of treason and sedition. How dare you, sir.

  • Michael J Wise

    Revelation 11:18, last clause.

    Taking care of the environment isn’t important to you?

    Leave the cleanup to the Anti-Christ?

    You have walked right into God’s Gunsights.

    You have made yourself God’s Enemy.

    Our first job, given to us in the Garden of Eden was to take care of this planet; “To Dress it and to Keep it.” We have never been relieved of that responsibility.

  • rich from Texas

    It’s getting really hard to stay a Christian when you care about something that you should, like the planet we live on, but fellow Christians have so much evil in their hearts, and are owned by the propaganda machine of corporations.

  • Liz

    I believe that as Christians we should look at it as environmental stewardship which is a term that was even used in the video. We were put in charge of this place and we clearly aren’t doing a good job. That’s where I don’t “get” the environmentalist approach because it almost assumes that it is not possible for us humans to make a mistake doing our job of protecting the earth. I actually never event thought about the concept that environmentalism might be considered humanistic until I met my boyfriend. He tends to have extreme views but half of his views are extremely liberal and half of them are extremely conservative so God only knows where he falls politically. 🙂 Anyhow, he “called me out” one day by saying that I “believed in global warming” and my response was something like “global warming is not like Santa or the tooth fairty” to which he responded “but it’s not God either”. I never imagined anyone even considering the idea that you would parallel the environmental movement up against God. As a Christian, the thought never crossed my mind. After hearing his argument for almost 2 years now I have started to see though where it would be a humanistic view in SOME ways. I do think that some people in support of environmentalism focus too much on the humans involved. I also think that the extremists don’t seem to notice or recognize the power of corporations and their deregulation that caused a major chunk of the problems. All you have to do is look at the purple sky in Cincinnati, OH and know that pollution is very real. All you have to do is ask one of the many Americans (including my boyfriend!) that received a payout for having been exposed to something terrible. All you have to do is look around and notice that cancer is seriously impacting us (including me, personally)… and even just ponder about what the source of all of that may be.

    I also have to mention that I relate to some of the comments about the Bible. I am terrible about reading the bible. I also don’t look at it as a chore. I enjoy reading the bible. It just hasn’t attracted my attention as much (isn’t that the devils plan?) so I haven’t. I do think Christians need to read the bible more… and attempt to UNDERSTAND it. To really delve into the context of it, etc. To be in bible studies. For all the Christians reading this, check out YouVersion.com. It is the most awesome invention of the bible ever, in my opinion. It’s an app and a web site and it contains nearly every single version of the bible ever published at your fingertips.

    As a progressive Christian who is dating a Christian extremist, I can tell you that we have both grown quite a bit in our faith. I encourage him to take more action, to “behave” like a Christian – to be more Christ-like. He encourages me to read the Bible more, to go to the bible when I am in need but also when I want to show appreciation and worship to Christ.

    To simplify, I do think it just comes down to love. Jesus made love a verb, we should too.

  • Brett Deiser

    So sad that some people need to have an external enemy when we have enough to guard against within our own thoughts and actions. It’s been shown time and a gain that conservation, recycling, and environmental issues have provided economic gains of their own after having been resisted for so long as impractical. Many businesses have seen bottom line results from reducing their pollution output. Environmental considerations have positive spiritual effects for me as well as the economic reasoning behind it.

  • Marlene Lund

    That promo looks like a “Who’s Who” of every extremist Religious Right organization around. Old conspiracy theories getting a bit stale? Try our New and Improved approach to the argument “Making us change our wasteful habits is the work of the Devil!” Now available for just $79.99. But wait! There’s more! If you order right now, we’ll throw in this copy of “Gays Corrupt Your Children” absolutely free!! (Small American flag and black jockey post included.)

  • Melody

    DonRappe is a frequenter here. He’s parodying conservative Christians. He’s not truly judgmental, he’s just joking.

  • Aliyah Aldridge via Facebook

    Heh. I remember this one. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, my parents were convinced that environmentalism was associated with witchcraft and a pagan plot to get people to worship Gaia.

  • Christian Connor

    If you don’t like what is written here, why do you come? Understand that if you hate other humans, you are NOT a Christian! It isn’t bashing when it’s true!

  • Tim Gray via Facebook

    Uhmmm… WOW!
    Or as my ol’ Physics Prof back in Grad School would have said… “that’s not even WRONG!”

  • Dang it all – now I can’t get you the DVD set for Christmas.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Oops! My bad!

  • They are serious, right? God help us. The conservatives, being more concerned about the poor? When did this happen? And bigger question… how does it help the poor to trash the planet? Oh, yeah, I forgot. God has it all under control. The same God who told us to take care of it…. Double speak much?

  • Figures – worshipping the creation instead of the CREATOR!

  • Ann Hagler via Facebook

    sigh, sigh, sigh, shake head, shake head, shake head

  • Mindy Miller via Facebook

    Wow…. ….. ….. …..

  • OMG…Is it evil or ignorance? I don’t understand either way?

  • Mindy

    Read the responses to Don’s comment, Christian – Don R. is a regular on a John’s blog, and wise chap he is. This is sarcasm at its finest. Hi Don!

  • Aliyah Aldridge via Facebook

    @Vicki, it’s the same psychosocial principals involved in witch hunts and the revolving door of America’s “enemies of religion”. Specifically, it’s the need to be perpetually at conflict with an enemy – to view oneself and one’s group as victimized and oppressed, but powerful and destined for victory. In cases where there is no real enemy, people with this need will create one – or many. This tendency can be seen at its most extreme in the form of “spiritual warfare”, where “God’s warriors” imagine themselves to very literally be at war with an unseen army of demons.

  • This is what happens when fringe groups are accorded even a little politcal power. Crazy-making stuff.

  • I think it’s evil and ignorance, the worst possible and scariest combination.

  • @ marilyn: that’s a misconception. The pagan religions simply do not make the distinction BETWEEN the Creator and the Creation that the JudaeoChristian religions do. Ie, Divinity (by whatever name) is immanent – here, with us, present in the Creation. The Creation is the body of the Creator.

  • LSS

    that’s actually a really neat idea when you put it that way.

  • LSS

    almost a couple years ago, this article (by a professor i don’t remember) was emailed from my college:


    it bothered me even more than their attempt (by a guy i thought was one of the more intellectual profs in the whole place) at a charitable reading of Sarah Palin’s memoir/ personality/ intellectual values. (http://www.visionandvalues.org/2010/02/the-education-of-sarah-palin-a-review-of-going-rogue-an-american-life/)

    it may feel like a difference of opinion, and maybe it is… but the first time i plugged in some LED christmas lights, i was delighted by the fact that (1) they wouldn’t get hot so if they were next to a curtain it would not start a fire, (2) i could leave them going every night and it wouldn’t run up the electric bill, and (3) they were *SHINY*, which, even though i was sort of trained to not celebrate holidays, i still have always loved the shiny. i feel like this guy is just saying what he thinks he ought to believe about LED lights, if that makes sense.

  • LSS

    meant to say, after those 2 articles i never could manage to take the V&V mailings seriously again. the emails from the school are NOT living up to the level of critical thinking that was instilled in me in my GCC education.

  • Donald Rappe

    Apparently there are at least two of me!

  • Donald Rappe

    Last year on New Years Eve my last brother died. I can’t believe I wrote that, but, if I did, I apologize! I can’t make sense of that comment now. But thanks to my friends who defended me.

  • Will

    Cat, I read your posts with admiration. You have a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for using humanity’s history to put things in perspective.

  • Allie

    I just learned that if you have small birds like chickadees in your bushes, old fashioned heat wasting lights may help them live through winter.

    But I much prefer the safety of LEDs myself, I bought them for my parents, who just can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea that Christmas trees are flammable.

  • Allie

    What I did to increase my Bible reading was leave the Bible in the bathroom. Not very pious, possibly, but it almost guarantees I’ll at least crack it open once a day.

  • Michael Stuber

    Maybe I’m a disciple of Satan, but I prefer the blue hue of the LED to the sickly orange of incandescent

  • Michael Stuber

    When did wrecking the environment become a holy mandate?

  • Jill H

    Well that video was 3 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.