Merry Christmas!!


I hope you guys are all having the best Christmases you could ever ask for.

Remember: it’s all about the presents. If your loved ones didn’t give you exactly what you wanted—which is to say, presents so spectacularly awesome that they leave you fulfilled in every possible way for the rest of your life—don’t forget to be completely bitter toward them. Because, really, nothing says Christmas like, “You’ve let me down.” So, go on. Share the resentment.

Ha, ha, ha. Just kidding. That was a little yuletide humor. Which, like most Yuletide humor, failed. That’s because Christmas and humor go together like egg nog and V8 juice. Why? Because Christmas is a time for gratitude and love. And what kind of psycho laughs while they’re feeling gratitude?

Whoa. I was going to spend a long time writing this! NONE of this would have stayed, I think. But my wife Cat’s awake early this morning!! I hear her coming down the stairs! So I gotta go! We’ll have a wonderful day; I hope you do, too. Thanks for all you do to make my blogging life so fulfilling. And that’s no joke. Merry Christmas.

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  • Suz

    Same to you, John!

  • Patricia

    Feliz Natal (Merry Christmas) John, and thank *you* for writing and sharing, your blog is often ‘food for thought’, and for that I am gratefull.

  • Barnmaven

    Merriest of Christmases to you and to Cat. I hope it has been a day of love, joy and peace.

    My kids have for the most part refraiend from killing one another, have, for the most part, been delighted with their presents, and except for this awful head cold and the fact that between my three dogs, foster dog and my brother’s two hors d’ouevres, I’ve got six (one two three four five SIX) dogs in the house, its a pretty good day.

    God bless us all.

  • Suz

    ” hors d’ouevres”

    Hah! Love it!

  • Chewa_11

    Aww. John, you are too cute. I love how you and Cat are so in love too. It gives me hope.

  • PolishBear

    Speaking of Yuletide humor, here’s a little joke I heard Saturday night on “A Prairie Home Companion”:

    After Santa finishes flying all over the world delivering presents to everyone, he stops by a little diner to get some breakfast, and decides to order the Eggs Benedict. After a while the waiter brings his order to the table on a hubcap! Santa says, “What’s with the hubcap?” And the waiter sings, “Oh, there’s no plate like chrome for the hollandaise!”

  • Diana A.