What is This Dog Thinking?

This is a picture of Bailey, beloved canine companion of Susan High, wearing one of my tee shirts. At the moment this picture was taken, Bailey was thinking:

A. This is me saying cheese.

B. I know. After this, let’s cover you in dog hair. See how cute you think that is.

C. You know I’m a Buddhist, right?

D. It took me about four hours to roll up the sleeves this way. Man, if I had thumbs, I’d be the Fonz.

E. Food, food, food, food, food, I want food gimme food when are you going to feed me feed me now I’m hungry food.

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  • Diana A.

    Love it!

  • Anonymous

    Diana! I’ve been meaning to wish you a happy holiday season. I hope you and yours have enjoyed that very thing.

  • LuvJustice

    As a hopeful agnostic who believes that open-mindedness and faith aren’t mutually exclusive, your writing has given me immense hope that neither are devout religion and critical thinking. If it’s God’s work you’re doing, then God is good.

  • Diana A.

    Thanks John! It’s been fun, but gone by so fast!

  • Bailey’s Mom

    fyi John, I bought the shirt for me and I have proudly worn it! Bailey only borrowedit. (She does make a doggone cute model though!)

  • Bailey’s Mom

    P.S. I think it’s her Yoda ears :-)

    And – oops… borrowed it. (Two words.)

  • Anonymous

    AWE. SOME.

  • Mengels

    He’s definitely thinking E. Food, food, food!!!!!

  • Suz

    Food. Yes. Food.

  • Susan High Bailey’s Mom

    Yum. Food. She does realize god spelled backward is me, right? Food. *sniff*. Treats. Bones. Mmmm. Food.

  • Susan High

    She’s just glad you don’t judge people who like it doggy style…

  • http://shadsie.deviantart.com/ Shadsie

    My guess:


  • cc

    Do you have a dog? You have to see this short video on YouTube.


  • Anonymous

    Bailey says,”Does this shirt show off my tits?”