The Smith Family Chronicles 6: “I Give Up On Christianity.”

If you’re just joining us, The Smith Family Chronicles will get you up to speed.

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Perpetually unhappy? Consider rejecting your parents.
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  • Suz

    It’s past my bedtime and I’m too tired to think through this episode, except to say, “WooooHoooo! You go, Paul! Tell it!”

    And being a little punchy, I feel compelled to ask – are you sitting there giggling over this brilliant plot twist? I am.

  • John Shore

    This one was fun. Tricky to write, though. Anyway, thank you.

  • Don Rappe

    A new dramatic form. The Christian soap opera. I love it.

  • John Shore

    Lovely. Thank you.

  • Panthera

    Oh! what a tangled web we weave; When first we practise to deceive!

    The nice thing about fundamentalist Christianity is that you get to define “love” as “hate” and then can feel smug about condemning everyone you don’t understand to hell…in the name of God’s “love”.

    Brilliant, John, simply brilliant.

    Please don’t stop the chronicles…but I do see you painting yourself into some interesting corners with all the plot twists.

    Can’t wait for the next!

  • John Shore

    Thanks, Panthera. Actually (for what it’s worth) the plot “twists” (the quotes because they’re not really twists at all; they’re just … well, plot) open more doors, not close them. That’s why soap operas can run forever. I’ve got the plot for this thing figured out for years’ worth. But it looks like I might have to quite doing SFC after episode 8 (sad face):

    500 SFC FB Fans by Episode 8, or Adios, Series

    Or not, actually. The audience for this thing is growing pretty rapidly.

  • DR

    Are they fun for you to do? I can imagine the amount of work, I’d want to make sure it’s worth it too. But if it’s fun for you and a cool creative medium, maybe you could do them less. Once a week is a big commitment!

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Episode 7: Guess who sees them arguing in the hotel parking garage? And what was he/she doing at the hotel?

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Episode 8: Finale

    Rapture 5/21

    The Return of the Christ

    Who will be saved, and who gets left behind?

    (Hint: The answer is everyone.)

  • DR

    I literally laughed out loud.

  • Mariah

    At first I had no idea how this episode related to the others, even though I knew Paul was Jane’s brother. Then, after slapping myself a bit to wake up my brain, I had no idea how anyone could think this was not brilliant, entertaining, and engaging. The suspense!