Easter Eve, 2011

I feel Christ

stirring out there

He is risen!

Though not yet, actually

It’s 8:39 p.m. where I am

in lovely California;

it’s cold here (for us)

Through the open window of my office

comes to me now

the distant roar of a motorcycle’s engine.

What fun people have

ripping from one place

to another.

It’s Easter Eve.

I won’t be in church tomorrow

Churchless I!

Which (for won’t the truth set us free?)

is an issue more of attitude

than proximity.

What attitude I wear with me.

But I feel Jesus out there


making his way

back this way

ready for a walk

ready for a chat

ready to move the earth

to rent the sky

to wake me up

to toss me about

to nail me

to the ground

and to,


leave me

to myself


that I’ll bore myself

that I’ll spin myself out


in the end

as in the beginning

he will be all

that matters

and all

that is left.



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  • Richard Lubbers

    Isn’t it just like Him

    That He comes to us

    When we’re tired of our ways

    When we’re disgusted and

    Feeling sick of ourselves

    He reminds us in that

    Matter-of-fact way of His

    That it’s not about us anyway

    And that we should just

    Get on with the business of

    Being His people in the earth

    Serving others in humility

    Living the Kingdom of God

    This day only; this hour; this moment


  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/johnshore/ John Shore

    Excellent! Love it! Happy Easter, brother.

  • textjunkie

    Happy Easter, John.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/johnshore/ John Shore

    HAPPY EASTER! Good to hear from you, TJ.

  • http://cba-ramblings.blogspot.com/ Rachelle

    Thank you, John. Happy churchless Easter.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/johnshore/ John Shore

    Thanks Rachelle! Happy … normal Easter to you!

  • Don Rappe

    Did they throw you out of your church?

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/johnshore/ John Shore

    No, no, nothing like that.

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Excellent poem, John! (And you too, RL!)