Guess What This Object Is, and Win a Book or T-shirt!

This weekend I came across this object for sale in a thrift store. Be the first to correctly identify what it is, and I’ll send you your choice of an autographed and inscribed copy of either of my two books, or a tee-shirt.

Contest closes Wednesday morning, May 18, 8 a.m. PST.

Mucho fun was had when I did this before here, and another time here. No one correctly guessed what either of those two items was—and I’m not much sweating anyone guessing what this is, either.

But have at it! Only 230 guesses per reader allowed.

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  • Scott Spencer-Wolff

    Fruit coring device.

  • Lisa

    Hand-powered coconut grater.

  • Cory

    A sick twisted device to punish homosexuals?

  • Cory

    And in no way am I saying that in a positive light…

  • Nose hair trimmer!

    Ear wax gatherer!

    228 more guesses coming!

  • Mary

    Citrus reamer.

  • Karen

    Pencil sharpener

  • Allen

    Item on Elementary School Principal’s Desk.

  • you mean, “not in a good way?”

  • THIS!

  • An Eggbeater designed by Darwin?

  • A’isha

    Corn silk remover

  • Mari

    A contraption intended to slice circular fruit into equal slices, or a combination apple corer/slicer.

    A general food chopper.

  • TomJesse

    Coconut scraper.

  • Nancy

    I don’t know what it is, but it is very creepy looking and it doesn’t look like it’s old (as in antique). I googled as many descriptions as I could but nothing like this came up.

    If I were you, I’d send it to whoever wins the contest, too, John, along with the prize of his or her choice, but that’s because I wouldn’t want it around. It looks like it could do some damage to soft tissue.

  • Mari

    A contraption for cutting out the inside of something I assume to be a food item. Like a fruit. Or a bird. An onion slicer? A primitive paper shredder?

  • Mari

    Some kinda juicer/pulper?

  • Nancy

    I am looking at it thinking that it burrs into something but what? Juicer makes no sense because the juice would leak all over and there is nothing underneath the actual mechanics of this thing to catch whatever it is doing. Also it’s not like you could get the seeds ouf ot a melon or a squash with it because it is a stationary size; you’d have to be moving the fruit/vegetable all over the place trying to get the blades to connect.

    Hmmm…maybe it is for winding string or yarn? Or for making something rather than changing something?

  • Stacy

    A rotary coconut shredder or grater

  • adam

    a device to make jullian potatoes

  • Dave

    I was going to say ‘sick & twisted device to punish homosexuals created by the Catholic Church circa 14th Century’ but Cory beat me to it! Darn! Seriously though, it’s a manual coconut scraper.

  • Roger Smith
  • Don Rappe

    It’s a grater, but, doesn’t look strong enough for a coconut to me. Maybe to grate up the white stuff inside the skin of a pomelo. Well, maybe if you kneel on that wooden thing and have a strong chubby kid to hold the coconut you could do it. I certainly don’t like to think about abortion devices tthat are that primitive.

  • Rainer

    Coconut scraper – but a few people beat me to it…

  • Cory


  • Patty

    Dimensions woulda’ been helpful!