My Wife; My Blog; My Deep Affection For You Guys (And a Possible Foot Rub For Me!)

So I ended up cutting some stuff from the first third of Why I Turned Them Down, But Guess Others Won’t, one of my two posts from yesterday. (The other post — the better one — is What Jesus Really Meant by the Story of Lazarus). I was ultimately sort of basically too shy to publish what I cut; plus, I felt it sort of rendered the post too bifurcated. (That’s right: I roll with the big words that sound like … a sexually ambiguous person with gas.)

But … anyway, here’s the part I cut:

Here’s the bottom line, for me: What matters to me like my heart matters to me is my relationship with my readers: that’s what I work to build and be worthy of. And my primary, driving, informing attitude toward my readers is respect. I respect my readers’ time; I respect their minds; I respect the fact that out of the infinite number of places they could go to read online, they’ve chosen my blog.

I cannot have the relationship between my readers and me [bad word]ed with. The reason I’ve thus far refused to put ads on my blog is because I want to keep my relationship with my online companions and visitors as clean as possible. My blog is about my mind and soul connecting with the minds and souls of my readers — period. I can’t have anything, no matter how minimal, interfering with that.


So … that’s about that.

The reason I’m sharing this now is because my wife Catherine said, “Hey! You cut that stuff from your Patheos post about you and your readers.”

“I know,” I said. “I don’t know. That stuff seemed maybe too … sentimental. Plus, I felt it too much bifurc-”

Cat held up her hand. “Stop. Don’t use that word. Just .. don’t.”

“Plus, I thought the post was too long.”

“I think you should put that stuff back in.”

“Really? I mean … why? Who cares?”

“I think your readers should know why you don’t run ads.”

“Well, it’s too late anyway. Nobody reads old posts.”

“It was yesterday’s.”

“Hey, we’re talking the blogosphere, where yesterday was last year.”

“Then just put it the part you cut about why you and your readers. I think people would like to read it. Plus, it was really sweet.”

So. If you hate this post, please let me know ASAP, so that I can use that input to try to guilt my wife into giving me a foot rub. Thanks!

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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • DR

    That’s worth a foot rub – two of them!

  • Okay, so you super-hated the post. Sweet!

  • Heather Leigh

    Good post, you should get a foot rub anyway!

  • Nice! The ol’ win-win! Dig it.

  • cat rennolds

    awful. horrible. stinky. that leads to foot rubs, right? John! How can you compromise our integrities like that? You want us to lie? That would just be too….bifurcated.

  • Richard W. Fitch

    Your definition of ‘bifurcated’ is so….so….ah….so erotically abominable. One of the constant draws to your blog is that you write as though we are all sitting in the drawing room together pondering both the weighty and mudane events of life. You have created a circle that is not only your friends but a community of friends that meet on this page for soul refreshment on a regular basis. THANKS.

  • Suz

    No foot rub for you!

    Sorry, I loved it!

  • Linda

    I am so glad you told us this before the world ends.

  • Sara

    Have to say – she ought to give you the footrub because you actually followed her suggestion!! And it’s a great blog and I’m so glad I’ve found your space and don’t get bombarded with @#$@$@$@#$ ads!

    *also unemployed*


  • DR

    That’s what I get for skimming.

  • That’s what I get for skamming.

  • I’ll treasure this. Thanks, Richard W. Fitch.

  • Awesome.


  • Matthew Tweedell

    I second this.

  • Me, too. I wonder if there’s anything else I should tell you guys before the world suddenly ends?

    Oh, right. I have three testicles.


    Let’s see what else? Um …. no, that about covers it.

  • Love, love, love it. Thank you.

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Thanks for sharing, John.

    We love you anyway. . . freak.

  • DR

    I read “slamming” at first and thought “John is slamming heroin? Is he chasing the dragon?” which would explain the third testicle that I’m going to assume is more of an ornamental thing.

  • Elizabeth Niederer

    THANK YOU for not moving your blog. I hate reading on Patheos precisely because of the blasted ads.

  • What do you mean by “blasted” ads. Do they do more than just the discreet little strip across the top of people’s blogs, and the sidebar ads? TELL me they don’t do that awful thing where a window pops up.

  • I kinda think you ought to be giving your WIFE a foot rub. She is wise, and she centers you.

    Personally, I read a lot of blogs and I know a lot of bloggers for whom their blog is their income. Ads don’t bother me, would never bother me. I am glad, though, that you value your relationship with your readers as much as you do. There are bloggers who started a “blog with integrity” program and post badges on their blogs…you, Mr. Shore, don’t NEED a badge for us to know that about you.

  • Don Rappe

    Let’s be honest. You should give Cat a foot rub. I know I would if I could!

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