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Progressive Christians: It’s Awful to Waffle!

I like progressive Christians. They’re a fun bunch: witty, conversational, tending toward expressive body language. And they always have lots of wine they purchased at a reasonable price. What’s not to like? One thing it’s pretty easy for progressive Christians not to like, though, is, sadly, me. [Read more…]

Why Did I Pray for Emily?

Dear Lord, please be with Emily during her operation. Please be with her doctors, and nurses, and everybody connected with her operation, and see that it all goes perfectly well, and that Emily is completely healed. That’s part of a prayer I said yesterday for the daughter of my dear friend Daren, who yesterday underwent [Read More…]

“I Came Out to My Evangelical Family. And Guess What?”

On January 2 I received this email: John Shore, I’m not sure who you are or where you came from, but I’ve spent the morning reading your blogs and I’m compelled to say a very sincere “Thank you!” Your thoughts ring true to what I’ve always felt in my heart. [Read more…]

Drunk Driving Wrong? We’ll Drink to That

Relative to Ryan Dunn’s maybe having died from driving drunk: Drunk driving is awful. No one should do it, ever. Virtually everyone gets that. If you ask 100,000 people whether drunk driving is good or bad, 100,000 of them will wonder why you’re asking them such a dumbass question. [Read more…]

Gay Christians: Tell the World Your Story

If you follow this blog at all, you know that I sometimes publish here emotionally excruciating letters from gay Christians (such as yesterday’s “Am I Seeking the Truth Because I Want to Justify My Sin?”; see also “God, Why Did You Make Me This Way? Why Did You Give Me This Life?”, “Help: I Want [Read More…]

“Am I Seeking the Truth Because I Want to Justify My Sin?”

Here’s a letter I got in this weekend: Good day John. I’d like to say I’m really ecstatic that I came across your blog. I’m a lesbian (a dyke, butch, a girl who looks like a man) and I’m a born-again Christian. [Read more…]

Father’s Day

Here’s a link to what in the past I’ve posted on Father’s Day. (Sorry I can’t just republish that content here, but doing that — running the same content in two different places — makes the back end of my blog go crazy in some way I still don’t understand.) Happy Father’s Day! (Or Not!) [Read more…]

Love Loses: Barnes and Noble’s Big Fat Bell Book Fail

If you read John Wins: When Rob Bell’s Editor Calls, you know I’m thinking about doing a book with an actual, real book publisher. I’m a little hesitant about doing that because, as we all know, the e-book revolution has been unto the book publishing industry what the CD was to cassette tapes. And this [Read More…]

John Wins: When Rob Bell’s Editor Calls

About a month ago I received an email from one Rob Bell. “You are awesome” was all it said. I answered back, “Thanks for your ‘you are awesome.’ Whether you’re the ‘real’ Rob Bell or not, I of course appreciate it just the same. (And if you are the Love Wins Rob Bell, good job [Read More…]

Waiting for the Next

The YMCA locker room smelled like tile, wood and chlorine. My dad and I getting naked together wasn’t exactly an everyday occurrence for me — but, at five years old, I had enough experience in the world to know that the only way to go from being dressed normally to being dressed in a bathing [Read More…]