Getting to Knoooow Me ….

Whenever someone asks what I do for a living I tell them I’m a writer.

“What do you write about?” is the inevitable response. And that’s when I start hemming and hawing. (What with being a writer and all, I should probably learn what hemming and hawing actually is beyond having a vague sense that hawing is something best done alone.) If you follow this blog, you know a better question is what don’t I write about.

In the last three or so days I’ve received a fair/odd number of emails from people asking what I write about. I think in the main they’re people going to Comic-Con? I dunno. But hemming and hawing face-to-face is bad enough; I refuse to do it over email. So I thought for any new visitors to my blog wondering what I write about I’d throw up the list below, which is simply my twenty-one most viewed posts. Happily, it seems pretty representative of what I do overall.

My total apologies to those of you whom I know have already seen some/all of these.

Evangelicals and Muslims: Both Love Jesus

7 Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships …

On Gays and Christianity

What Non-Christians Want Christians To Hear

How Is Being Gay Like Gluing Wings on a Pig?

Is Hell Real? What Are We, Six?

ThruWay Christians

An Open Letter to Famous Progressive Christian Jim Wallis

Mr. Wallis and His Big Gay Waffle

Come Out of the Woods, Christian Soldiers: World War Gay Has Ended

Top 10 Tips For Becoming a Better Husband

10 Key Qualities to Look For in a Wife

What Would Jesus Do If Invited to a Gay Wedding?

How I Lost My Virginity to My High School Teacher

Six Tests To Determine If He’s Mr. Right

Young Woman: This, Finally, Is Your World

What Francis Chan (And His Ilk) Get So Terribly Wrong About Hell

The Trinity Explained in Four Sentences: A Look at John 1:1-4

T-shirt & Books

The Smith Family Chronicles

15 Ways to Stay Sane Caring for An Elderly Parent

Mad Dad

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  • denver

    *raises hand* You have ThruWay Christians on there twice.

    Sorry, I notice things like that. It’s a blessing and a curse. 😉

  • John Shore

    Oh, yeah, cool: thanks. Adjusted.

  • textjunkie

    well, getting to know your views on Christianity, anyway. :) Nothing in there (barring the high school teacher one) about your life or parents, which are some of your most amazing bits of writing, IMHO.

  • John Shore

    That’s kind of you to say. I threw in “Mad Dad.” Now there’s 22. But who’s counting?