I’m Starring at Comic-Con!

I try to be humble. But there comes a time when a man just has to shuck his stolid business suit, don his cape, grab his big stick, put on his form-fitting tights, and declare for one and all to hear, “Verily, shall I rocketh Comic-Con!”

Or, really? Doubt I will? Then witness this listing of this Sunday’s Comic-Con confabs — if you dare:

Christian Comics: The Calling of the Artist, Sunday, 7/24/11, 2:30p.m. – 3:30p.m., Room: 23ABC

What unique challenges do artists face in developing work for both mainstream and religious audiences? How can “Christian media” avoid becoming just a pale imitation of its secular counterparts? Join panelists SERGIO CARIELLO (The Action Bible), ERIC JANSEN (Missions Press), STEVE BLOUNT (Kingstone Media), ROBERT LUEDKE (Eye Witness),

JOHN SHORE (I’m OK–You’re Not),*

MIKE SHIELDS (Blue Blazes) and moderator BUZZ DIXON (Hits & Misses) as they discuss the challenges and rewards of following the call of personal faith and the creative arts.


If you have anything you’d like me to communicate to the hordes of Christian art geeks certain to flock to Room 23ABC for a chance to sip from the fount of artistic genius that is me (and my fellow panelists, of course), speaketh it unto me now.


*(Slight font-buffing and coloring mine.)


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  • Will you, please, dress up like a superhero? Tight pants and all…

  • Linda B

    Not another prostituted item form the christians Please!! We had Bible Man weve had christian rock, christian rap, chiristian country, now a chtristian comic book company. Give me a break. Cant art be just that art. It worked for Rembrant, it worked for Picasso.

    Enough already go do art and quit trying to were your faith on your sleeve.

  • Marcelo

    Pics please.

  • This is a must. I hope your outfit is awesome!

  • kimberly

    zac, remember that song by molly hatchet, about snorting whiskey and, well, you know the other part? your comment just made me snort cheerios!! 😉

    john, not all of us can say we have been immortalized this way… most awesome, man…

  • SierraStorm

    I second that!

  • DR


  • Diana A.


  • Why is this panel all male? Just curious…

    I mean, unless Buzz is a female..

  • I have no idea. I just said “yes” when asked.

  • Mindy

    I so wish I could attend in my dorkiest outfit (that’s a requirement of Comic-Con, yes?) and come in to your session, if only to squeal and giggle and ask for your autograph in front of all those other writers I don’t know.

  • The Sistine Chapel is a comic book in an architectural format. Top that.

  • Luck of the draw this year. We’ve had plenty of female creators on panels in the past.