Free Kindle Reading App for Your PC, Mac, Smartphone

Free Kindle Reading App for Your PC, Mac, Smartphone October 25, 2011

Today I received three emails asking the same thing: “I want to read your e-book on hell, but don’t have a Kindle. What to do?”

I always figure people know this, but I don’t know why, since I barely know it. But you don’t have to have a Kindle to read Kindle e-books. You can download from Amazon a FREE Kindle reading app for your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

That’s how people who don’t own a Kindle reader read Kindle e-books anyway. (The awesomeness is that Kindle readers now start at $79.)

Speaking of e-books, it looks like for my Very Major One (which you can read a bit about and see the cover of here) I will, after all, be making my November 1 deadline. On that morning I will send the 50,000-word manuscript off to my e-book formatting guy, wait to find out what it’s going to cost me, choke it up, and before you know, presto: I start making history.

Hey, why even bother with modest goals? Besides, this book is actually that good. It will radically and permanently impact the whole conversation about gays and Christianity: it will be the proverbial game-changer. Last week I showed two of its collected letters to Pastor Bob, and by the time he finished reading the second letter he had tears in his eyes. This stuff will just rip your heart heart–and deeply inspire you. It’s really amazing what people have been through, what they’ve learned, what they know.

Anyway, groovy. My e-books, I’m happy to report, are selling well, and all about the same rate. (Though this has been a big month for the hell book and 10 Ways (We) Christians Fail to Be Christian.)

Oh: I’ll also be making “Wings on a Pig” available as a regular, paperback book-book, which will also be available via Amazon.

And there we are. My blog’s pretty successful, and it’s for three reasons: the stuff I write, the blog itself—the technical presentation and functionality of it, I mean: the way it looks and all—and the quality of the commenters. Those are the three legs that hold this stool up. Which means I’d be one toppled typist without so many of you now reading this. So thank you for what you do for me, for each other, and for people new to this wonderful community we have here.

If you are new here, join in! You won’t find a better group anywhere online.

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  • Dude! They gave me a free copy of Pride and Prejudice!

    But, now I’m annoyed. I was going to download one of your books, but it turns out I have to wait a week. I know they’re cheap, five bucks, but… according to my guy, who handles the finances and is in freaked-out rent-mode right now, I can’t even spend five bucks on a book at the moment. Things would be different if my boss hadn’t screwed up one of my paychecks. We also got groceries this week and that can set things back. I hope things will not be this messed up for us next week. So, maybe next week – and I’ll content myself with the blog in the meantime.

    I just think life is sad when I can’t even afford a five dollar book…. so forgive me for venting. I’m sad now.

  • Sharon

    What, this latest book will be available only as an e-book? Dang. Guess I’m SOL.

  • Suz

    I discovered this over the weekend! Now I can read the rest of your books – YAY!

  • Sharon: You must have skipped this line: “Oh: I’ll also be making “Wings on a Pig” available as a regular, paperback book-book, which will also be available via Amazon.”

    But … point being, you don’t need a Kindle to read any Kindle e-book.