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Meet Scott Anderson, Soon To Be the First (Openly) Gay Minister Ordained by Presbyterian U.S.A.

“Our pastor is gay! Our pastor is gay! How can we possibly continue being Christians now?!” Okay, fine: I don’t actually know what the two people said to their fellow parishioners at Bethany Presbyterian when, in the spring of 1990, they decided to out their head pastor, Scott Anderson. But they did out Mr. Anderson, [Read More…]

How Can You Help Save the Next Jamey Rodemeyer?

Letter o’ the day: Hi, John. Thank you for taking your time to read and maybe answer this. I’ve been following your blog for a little while and everyone here is so passionate. In light of Jamey Rodemeyer’s suicide, I have been wondering what more I can do to help with this. [Read more…]

“The Cornerstone”: A Sermon From Pastor Bob

These are Pastor Bob’s notes for the sermon he will deliver this morning. [Read more…]