I put up too much stuff on my Facebook page (which, if you haven’t yet, you should go “like” right now: don’t you want my life to have definition and purpose?). It’s almost like I keep a whole other blog over there. So I’m going to start putting up here on my actual blog the sorts of things I usually toss up onto that page. Being such item-ettes as:

• It’s nice to see my An open letter from Christians to LGBT people on ReligiousTolerance.org.

• I likewise appreciate The Center for Progressive Christianity making a permanent part of their excellent offerings my The Inevitability of the Rise of Progressive Christianity.

• Thanks to the gang over at HuffPo Religion and HuffPo Gay Voices for lately presenting my stuff really well. As has LGBTQ Nation, which this week featured on their front page my piece on Dan Savage. And thank you, too, Joe. My. God., for this week doing a shout-out for my Change.org petition Christians: Affirm that same-sex relationships are not inherently immoral [which as of this writing has been signed by 2,563 Christians], and also for making the P.S. of my post about Dan a “Quote of the Day.” Being a Joe. My. God. “Quote of the Day” is a treat. Not because of the traffic it brings (though, you know), but because Joe’s standards are so high.

• So too are those of Slacktivist, whom I want to thank for how often and artfully he links to and quotes from my stuff.

• And what’s not to like (if you’re me) about Truth Wins Out’s recent post, John Shore Sums Up Entire Fight For Equality Against Religious Right, written by the ever-witty (and amazing singer and player) Evan Hurst?

• Less gratifying for me was receiving the no-holds-barred BREITBART bashing via their HuffPo Blogger Says Savage Didn’t Bully Students. (“Why don’t you just let it go lgbt, read the Bible not the quran!” reflected one commenter before I stopped reading. Yikers.)

• Speaking of Dan Savage, I heard from him this week. He’s doing very well. He’s crazy busy, what with his new MTV show Savage U, his blog, his podcast, and It Gets Bettter rocking the free world. But he’s in excellent spirits, and is generally continuing on his quest to be a voice of reason in a too-often unreasonable world.

• Don’t forget that my Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships, and How to Defeat Each One of Them is now available in paperback.

• So that they would feel free to share it on their Facebook pages, sensitive readers asked me to cut the original opening from yesterday’s To Christians Who Still Believe That Homosexuality is a Sin. I was happy to do that. But then inquiring readers wanted to see the original opening they’d missed. That was:

Hello, Christians who still believe that homosexuality is a sin! How are you? Feeling a little entrenched and put-upon these days, I would imagine. And no wonder, what with recent polls showing that approximately fifty-two percent of Americans now think that you’re a complete dick.

Kidding! Sorry. That was rude. No excuse. I totally apologize. I have no idea why I think I’m funny. I’m obviously not.

Anyhoots, about the changing perception of homosexuality currently happening throughout our culture.

• Want to hear anti-gay Church Lady in drag* Robert A. J. Gagnon (that’s him above) debunk my The Best Case For the Bible NOT Condemning Homosexuality on The Janet Mefferd Show? Then here it is. But remember: you will never get back that fifteen minutes. (But you will learn the critically lame art of grossly misstating whatever it is you’re arguing against, and then arguing against that. You know. The way little kids do.)

• Yesterday I tweeted this:

Rejecting God because people act so abysmally is like rejecting sustenance because bananas bruise so easily.

It drew a surprising number of negative responses, mainly from those who felt it didn’t adequately reflect all the really good reasons people have for rejecting God. [Note to self: write much longer Tweets.]

I also recently Tweeted:

Woe be unto he whose natural gifts are such that he is, alas, nagged by the sense that life is not quite challenging enough.

I really got banged for this one, because people assumed I was writing about (of all people) me—that I was, I guess, in that sense bragging. Flattering! I guess. I dunno. But it wasn’t about me at all. It was just a thought that came to me as I was . . .  well, reflecting on the nature of pride. [Note to self: Stop Tweeting.]

• As of now 1,734 people have joined us over on Unfundamentalist Christians. The admins running that page are doing a wonderful job. Thank you, guys, so much.

• I’m just now working on a letter-and-reponse post, From gay-hating fundie to righteously angry lesbian. Now what? That’ll be up soon. **


* I am going to grow up one day. Promise.

** [UPDATE: It would have been up soon, that is, if Pastor Bob hadn’t just called to ask if I want to go see The Avengers! Whoo-hoo! He’s coming over to get me right now!!] ***

*** So far the growing-up thing isn’t really off to the best start.

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  • Lymis

    “*I am going to grow up one day. Promise.”

    Please don’t.

  • HJ

    Seconded. No John, don’t grow up.

  • Ashley Cohea

    John, don’t ever grow up! And don’t stop tweeting either. I don’t know what is up with all the negative feedback you’re getting (I mean aside from the anti-gay negative feedback, that I get), but you’re the only thing getting me through being stuck in a office on a college campus during finals week right now. So, please, don’t stop posting and tweeting. At least not until May 12th, kay?

  • Diana A.

    “*I am going to grow up one day. Promise.”

    “No, don’t do that!” I was going to say. Then I noticed that everybody else is saying the exact same thing.

    Isn’t it interesting that we all honed in on that exact same thing? Bizaare!

  • hey. i was one of the people who commented on this: “Woe be unto he whose natural gifts are such that he is, alas, nagged by the sense that life is not quite challenging enough.” and i know i left a silly comment on FB pretending i thought you were “writing about (of all people) [yourself]”–but i want to let everyone know i completely got it the first time, and anyone who is so lacking in a sense of humor as would “bang” (what’s with that, anyway, is this some ’70s double-entendre?) you for that reason is deeply in need of help. now i could have banged you for not saying “Woe be unto HIM …” but i didn’t! carry on with the tweets, please!

  • John: That’s right! I forgot about you! But yes, as you say: I knew you were just being your usual high-larious (and always very supportive: thank you!) self. You rock.

  • And not a little disconcerting.

  • So you’re reading me at work? That’s so sweet! Can I have the name and phone number of your boss?

  • Great! I won’t grow up, then! Can I also walk around with huge exploded bubble-gum bubbles covering my face? Because that’s pretty much my favorite.

  • otter

    Really lookin’ forward to that letter response!

  • Catherine

    The best thing about you is that you will never grow up.



  • HJ

    I say go for it! But only as long as you promise to blog about how folks respond to the look. 🙂

  • Lymis

    As long as you keep your typing fingers free, that should work just fine.

  • itazzz doz seemm to cbe wrking outt jist FINEE!!

  • Valerie

    I read you at work too! And no you can’t have my dad/boss’s name and phone number! LOL

  • (In five years, this is the first time my wife has ever commented on my blog. I’d say this bodes very well for my weekend.)

  • see update

  • Al

    Growing up is over-rated. I tried it once but it didn’t take.

  • I’m tweleve forever. I’ve already decided that.

  • Diana A.

    Enjoy The Avengers.

  • Diana A.


  • Wendy

    Hahaha..I’m at work too….shhh don’t tell my boss 🙂

  • Wendy

    Woohoo 🙂

  • charles m

    “Rejecting God because people act so abysmally is like rejecting sustenance because bananas bruise so easily.”

    one word….. WIN.

  • DR

    Girlfriend! Move here!

  • Please don’t grow up… be like Peter Pan…

  • Caring Heart via Facebook

    Don’t know why I am listening to that Janet Mefferd audio clip while you are out enjoying the “Avengers” – it is so ANNOYING! Sigh…

  • But I look so, so bad in tights.

  • Kara K

    John, is this a challenge to my photo-shopping skills?

  • Leslie Marbach

    Aww, too sweet! (And a silly wave to Cat. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I wish you’d stop by here more often!)

  • NO!!! IT IS NOT!!

    No. It is not.

    No. Not.

  • Donald Rappe

    John shore in tights. Sounds like quite a challenge! With a utility belt and a silken cord?

  • otter

    Avengers …Yah, GOOD choice. I hope enough stuff went “boom” to delight your inner 8 year old hooligan…..

  • Gordon

    One important question: Did you and Pastor Bob like The Avengers?

  • Fine, fine, no Photoshop. Kara, I’ll bring the tights and the camera if you bring the booze.

  • CH

    btw – the audio clip is what is ANNOYING – not that you were out having fun 🙂