New podcast episode: Play-Doh isn’t food

Hi, guys. The third show of my podcast is below. Includes: my first church-ish experience; a temporary new mom; definitely not food, no place for art; dysfunctional camping; time before time; angry dad; and washing my hands in holy water.

The picture is of me, before we left our house for the first time I’d ever been to church, wearing the Intolerable Outfit I talk about on the podcast.

In this episode I reference my post That Mother o’ Mine.

You can listen, download, comment upon, and share this and the other episodes of my podcast on SoundCloud.

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Thanks for listening.

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  • Alan Herendich

    I enjoy your podcasts because contrary to your carefully crafted writing, they just seem to be stream of consciousness ramblings loosely kind of tied to a theme. BTW, I went to UCSC in the early 80’s, lived in Felton, and worked at Roaring Camp Narrow Guage Railroad right next to Henry Cowell Park. A beautiful place. I don’t think your idea of camping is that far off. I’m going backpacking into the High Sierras with my son in July and I plan on spending a lot of time just sitting on a rock!

  • John Shore

    Thanks, Alan; that means a lot to me. (Felton! I lived for awhile in Boulder Creek!)

    Don: Knickers! So I had it better than I knew. Good to know.

  • mike moore

    John, I think you should embrace the outfit. Very Angus Young AC/DC. You were a true trendsetter.

    (PS – this memory lane post … I was a camp counselor at Mt Hermon. I wasn’t invited back the next summer due to the “junior high kids playing on the railroad tracks” incident, but Felton was cool.)

  • Don Rappe

    I remember that outfit, except with knickers. How I pouted.

  • Dan Wilkinson

    I just caught up on all of your podcasts whilst pulling up the carpeting in my living room. Good stuff…keep ’em coming!

  • Allie

    The outfit is too funny. And don’t think for a moment you were unusual as a child to be that aware of your dignity. My mom is about 20 years older than you are, and recently we were discussing a local politician, and she said “I used to play with him as a child and his mom made him wear SUNSUITS. I can’t take seriously a man I have seen in a sunsuit.” So, there’s that, at least you were born too late for sunsuits.

    My first memories of church are of St. John’s Episcopal, which has rather Byzantine, larger-than-life murals all over it. This is the one behind the altar. I was terrified of this thing as a child:

    I never washed my hands in the font, but I did LOUDLY CRUNCH the wafer at my first communion. My mother just about died.