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Grace: Everything’s gonna be alright

So this morning I woke up to find in my email this letter: Hello there, O faith mentor, how are things? I do try not to seriously bug the snot out of you with my myriad questions, so I pick the important ones when I feel moved. Hoping you might have magically answered this already. [Read More…]

The only language you and God share

You don’t have to read too deeply into the Gospels before you realize that much of Jesus’ message to his disciples boils down to, “I know I’m going too fast for you. But try to keep up anyway.” And try to keep up they did. What else could they do? [Read more…]

The Light in Us All: A Prayer for Thanksgiving

A son whose mother is sliding into dementia. A woman whose husband died of cancer, leaving her alone with their two children. A woman whose baby granddaughter died. A woman diagnosed with inoperable Stage IV cancer that’s metastasized to her liver. A man whose life partner committed suicide. A man who is losing his vision. [Read More…]

A prayer for the transgender in us all

Today is Transgender Day of Awareness (TDOR), which every November 20 memorializes those killed by hatred or fear of transgender and gender non-conforming people. TDOR was founded in 1998 in response to the murder of Rita Hester, a transgender African American woman who was murdered in Allston, Massachusetts on November 28, 1998. Dear Lord, [Read more…]

Thanksgiving 2012 Share a Prayer

Some of you might recall how last Easter we did The Burning of the Resentments. As we enter this year’s holiday season I thought that together we might try something similar. I would like us to pray for one another. [Read more…]

How I Won the Gay War

[UPDATE: I’m aware this post has an obnoxious/pretentious-seeming title.] On this blog I (a straight Christian) have written and published about 250 pieces in favor of Christians fully accepting LGBTQ people. I did that because the idea of Christianity being synonymous with the condemnation of gay people is repulsive to me. So I wanted to [Read More…]

Is Obama one of the elect?

Get it? One of the elect? Get it?? Because he was elected? Har! Pffft. Can you believe some people think we Christians aren’t funny? Me neither. I blame Mark Driscoll, with his … Angry Birds haircut. [Read more…]

How can you be thankful when others have so little?

Dear John, As Thanksgiving approaches, I’ve come to realize that I don’t know how to be grateful anymore. I tried to say a little prayer as I went to bed tonight (something I seldom do), and was stopped cold after just a few thoughts. [Read more…]

The miracle of one dog plus lots of love

Hi guys. The letter below is from a good woman I know. It doesn’t describe 1/100th of what she does out of love for her fiancé. Please help this young couple if you can. And you absolutely can, no matter what, by maximally sharing this post—and especially this link. Please do that, a lot. The [Read More…]