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Would you confront a pastor as this gay man did?

I got this in last week from reader Mike Moore (whom some of you might recall from A Good Week to Hate Christians), and thought it worth sharing. What do you think of Mike’s bold action? Is it something you would do? Why or why not? Would you change your mind knowing it would end [Read More…]

“Your laughter is interfering with my degrading shame”

If I had a thousand years and spoke as many languages I couldn’t begin to express my gratefulness for the messages of condolences so many of you sent me after learning that my father died. I feel my father read and was moved by them all. Each and every one of those messages also somehow [Read More…]

My dad died today

Hi, guys. Some of you have been with me for a long time, so I thought I’d share with you that today my father, Norman John Shore, died. He was 86 years old. I’ve written a bit about him here on my blog, but of course never scraped the surface of who he was, and [Read More…]

Big book business beckons

Hello! How’s your New Year going? Well, that’s enough about you. As many/some/those of you I e-stalk know, I’m just now busy collaborating on a book that promises to be exactly the sort of book that I always see in bookstore windows, and think, “Boy, I’d sure like to write a book like that some [Read More…]

Their House of Mirrors

  Every Christian who believes that homosexuality is an abominable sin against God invariably points to the Bible as justification for this belief. What else can they do but that? Such a person isn’t about to blame themselves for their bigotry. The Bible is all they have: there exists no other “proof” that gay people, [Read More…]

Am I trying to justify my homosexual sins?

Here’s a letter I got in this weekend: Good day John. I’d like to say I’m really ecstatic that I came across your blog. I’m a lesbian (a dyke, butch, a girl who looks like a man) and I’m a born-again Christian. [Read more…]