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Why am I still a Christian?

Got this in last week: Hi John, I’m writing to share a problem I have with being a Christian and confronting the anti-gay attitude of the Church. [Read more…]

She’s caring for their mother–and they’re angry about it

Got this in: Hello John, I don’t know how I found your page, but I am glad I did. You are the only one who hit it on the money. [Read more…]

Yay for the new day’s new way!

This week The Atlantic ran a story, The Rise of the Christian Left in America, the money quote of which is: [Read more…]

The triune nature of God explained in four perfect sentences

The idea that God is the ultimate hat trick—that he is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all at once—is something that has always confused and challenged Christians and everyone else with a normal, binary-style brain. But a look at the opening of the Gospel According to John perfectly explicates the triune nature of God: [Read more…]

Just Like You (From a gay Christian to an anti-gay Christian)

The poem below is a collaborative effort between me and Ford, a friend of mine. It was inspired by this piece, which Ford published on his blog yesterday. [Read more…]

8 Ways Christians Fail to Be Christian

I, a Christian, feel that we Christians too often fail in these eight ways: [Read more…]

Anti-gay Christianity claims another life

This is Carlos Vigil, of Valencia County, New Mexico, just south of Albuquerque: Here’s another picture of him: [Read more…]

Affirming: Yay! Welcoming: Pray.

The other day I tweeted, The diff b/w LGBT affirming & LGBT welcoming is the diff b/w “Welcome!” and “Welcome, you abomination! Did you bring money? (Tweet that yourself.) It brought the usual fusillade of fussing. So I thought I’d take a quick moment to elaborate. [Read more…]

If pride is a sin, color me guilty

Remember Colby Martin, the young pastor whose story I shared in Pastor Fired for LINKING to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Article? The one who, for doing nothing more than posting a link on his Facebook page to a completely innocuous story about the abolishment of the discriminatory “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” law, was fired from the [Read More…]

The truth about dead people

A few people have asked me (some kindly, some … not so much) how I reconcile my kind and loving thoughts about my dad after he died (i.e., My Dad Died Today), with the sometimes less warm feelings about him that I expressed before he went to that big Dad lounge-chair in the sky. [Read more…]