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Ten, nine, eight, seven, six …

Hi! Well, bye! But only for now! From today until Wednesday, Sept. 4, I will not be posting anything on this blog. (But on Monday, Sept. 2, the front page of this blog will suddenly look a lot different. That’s not really a new blog post, though. But it is pure awesomeness. If you’re me. If [Read More…]

Is she a Christian yet?

Dear John, I came across your website a while ago and have been impressed and sometimes moved by the wisdom you show in your responses to people. I wonder if you might offer your opinion to a question I have that has been pressing on my mind. [Read more…]

Sinfulness, fear, and the toxicity of faux-Christianity

Dear John: I was wondering how you deal with the concept of original sin. I believe it is a corrupting idea that has led to much misery. [Read more…]

Like playing God’s symphony on one string of an out-of-tune violin

I got this in, and just couldn’t resist sharing it with you. I just love the spirit of this letter, don’t you?  [Read more…]

When the passion for God passes

Dear John: What are the best things to do when you feel far from God, besides praying and reading the Bible? I’ve been going to church my whole life, but it was three years ago when I actually asked God to be my personal savior. I used to be on fire for God—but lately, within [Read More…]

New law advances transgender rights in California: Guess who’s complaining?

Yesterday Governor Jerry Brown of California signed into law Assembly Bill 1266, which alters the state’s education code so that all K-12 student are “permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs, and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s [Read More…]

Hears voices, fancies ladies, and enjoys cask ales too much: a kind word for this friend of Jesus?

I just got in the below email. I hope you can find it in your heart to offer our young friend here a kind word and a bit of fellowship, for which she had the courage to ask. [Read more…]

He hated himself because he couldn’t change himself

I recently received the email below, and wanted to share it with you (with permission, of course). This is how the personal dynamics of this sort of affair are unfolding in families all across the country today.  [Read more…]

The Head Covering Movement: Real, or What?

Here is the “promo video” for The Head Covering Movement (which I recently learned about via the excellent blog, Ain’t I a Woman?): [Read more…]

“I lived 30 years alone”: A Christian lesbian grandmother tells her story

Here is a letter I got in response to the call I put out on my blog awhile back asking for the personal testimony of gay Christians: I am a 72-year-old Christian mother and grandmother. I had a wonderful career as a teacher for every age, from pre-school through college. I served as a member [Read More…]