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The moment what you love begins to disappear

Halloween! Hal. O. Weeeeeeeeeen! I’m so desperate to get outside it feels like my guts are going to burst out and bolt off without me, leaving behind nothing but a sack of my empty skin. (Awesome! Happy Halloween, family!) Meanwhile, God has decided to torture the universe by stopping the setting sun in the sky. [Read More…]

Pastors who re-victimize survivors of abuse

Got this letter in. If you’re a Christian pastor who ever counsels women who have been abused, please read it. If you’re the kind of pastor this survivor writes about—the kind who, one way or another, blames the victim—either change, please, or do the world a favor and find yourself another vocation. [Read more…]

The three-letter word that causes wars

The truth of God is the truth of God. In order to communicate, share, and pass on the revealed truths of God, we are compelled to give those truths form and structure: a process of worshipping, an organization, a book. Ultimately, inevitably, a religion. [Read more…]

In landmark move, Methodist bishop defies church law and colleagues to marry gay couple

In landmark move, Methodist bishop defies church law and colleagues to marry gay couple. The Methodist Council of Bishops told Bishop Melvin G. Talbert that he must not marry this couple. But Bishop Talbert decided to take his orders from a higher authority. (Sorry to again send you to the UC’s blog on Patheos. Will [Read More…]

Seven ways Christians blow it

Hi, guys. I suddenly got crazy busy this morning, and so did not have time to finish the post (about old people) that I’d planned to publish here today. I did, however, spend a few hours this morning writing a piece for our Unfundamentalist Christians blog over on Patheos. If you’d like to read that [Read More…]

I wish I could feel God

Got this in: So I’m filled with a lot of questions. You probably get these all the time. I honest-to-goodness wish I could feel God. I feel as if something’s wrong with me since I’m unable to feel him. How can we be certain that Christianity is the correct religion, since all religions claim to [Read More…]

To the would-be Christian not quite feeling it

In the comments section of my last post, To A Gay Anti-Christian Who Suddenly Converted, something beautiful happened. It started when long-time reader (and always awesome commenter) Jill wrote this: [Read more…]

To a Gay Anti-Christian Activist Who Suddenly Converted

A friend of mine is a gay artist who, up until a few days ago, was a tireless and fairly high-profile opponent of Christianity. His world recently changed when he realized that, despite his “hard-won atheism,” he was rapidly becoming a Christian. “I’m sitting here listening to Jars of [bleeping] Clay and weeping,” he wrote me. [Read More…]

Christians opposing the shameful “Values Voter Summit”

Here’s a snapshot of the speakers at yesterday’s NALT Christians press conference, held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., as a “prebuttal” to the shameful (and for some reason illiterately named) Values Voter Summit, which starts today. From left to right are: [Read more…]

Press Conference: Thursday, 10 a.m., Washington D.C. National Press Club, with NALT Christians Project co-founders, Michael Keegan, president of People for the American Way, and special guests. [VIDEO]

Below is a media advisory just released. Catherine and I are flying into Washington D.C. tomorrow. Pray/send us love, if you would, around this event. Thank you! [Read more…]