If you think John Shore is just another namby-pamby “Christian speaker” …

This weekend I’ll be speaking twice at St. Matthew’s Episcopal in Louisville, KY. (More info here.) Saturday night’s talk will much concern the topic of my book UNFAIR: Christians and the LGBT Question (which I now see Amazon has on sale for $11.69); on Sunday morning I’ll talk about why so many people would rather gulp pureed hamster than join the “organized religion” of Christianity, and what Christians can and should do about that.

Check out the below, running in the current issue of LEO Weekly, Louisville’s alt-weekly. Hats off to writer Robin Garr for digging around in my archives long enough to find the (I think) ancient quote of mine he used:

My wife Catherine is coming with me to the great city of Louisville, which we’ve never visited. I hear they have something there called the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. I’m not saying we’re staying an extra day so that we can go on that trail, but we’re staying an extra day so that we can go on that trail.

If you’d like me to come speak at your church, college, group, or  …. liquor store, apparently, email me at john@johnshore.com. Be assured that in real life it’s reasonable to conclude that I’m not entirely maniacal.

If you’re in or near Louisville this weekend, come join us! It’s a church! There’s bound to be free donuts!

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  • Jerry Taggart

    I lived in Louisville for many years with my first partner—it is a beautiful city and the Kentucky countryside (esp to the south where the bourbon is) is really scenic…enjoy it. Don’t miss Downtown and the riverfront….

  • ErikaBeseda

    so awesome~

  • Jill

    Now I want to rent a liquor store, bring in some nice chairs and have a nice John Shore roundtable event. If that’s possible.

  • https://elizabeth-fullerton.squarespace.com/resume Elizabeth

    Bourbon, doughnuts, and newsprint. You don’t get more Episcopalian than that. *thumbs up*

  • BarbaraR

    I would go back to church if they served that afterwards.