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A gay ex-Christian stumbles over God Talk

Why should you let what others have done to Jesus ruin what Jesus has done for you? [Read more…]

What we all want most

You can have anything you want. The whole trick is to know what exactly you want. [Read more…]

A New-Age translation of The Lord’s Prayer

(Written on a whim after attending a thoroughly engaging interfaith council meeting.) Our genderless spirit counselor, who art in everything, honored be thy many names. Thy new age come, thy will be manifested, on this and on all cosmic planes. Break with us our daily gluten-free unleavened bread, and forgive us our bad karma, as [Read More…]

Hosanna! Jesus is Risen! Let us bash some gays.

It was Easter morning, and the message these Christian leaders proclaimed to the world was, “Jesus is Risen. Protect our children from evil gays. Hallelujah.” [Read more…]

The kind of God I want

I want a God who proves to me, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that ultimately goodness prevails—that, in the end, love really does win. [Read more…]

Be a sole man (or woman)

Today is Maundy Thursday, the Christian holy day when, during an evening service, Christians have traditionally performed the rite of Washing of the Feet, which began with Jesus: [Read more…]

Dare to believe that Jesus was God

For now and the next three days, allow yourself to believe that Jesus really was God. It will cost you nothing, and just possibly gain you everything. [Read more…]

This week be churched

You have got every other week of the year to be a solitary Christian. This week do yourself—and God, and Christ, and the living body of Christ on earth—a favor. [Read more…]

A church for the unchurched?

Is this a church for the unchurched? [Read more…]

Never ask questions!

My first time ever in Sunday school did not go well, to say the least. [Read more…]